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Millions of online services promise the same thing to all site visitors – a customized resume written by the best resume writers that is certain to get results, results translating to interviews. It’s hard to “separate the wheat from the chaff” and select a writing service that really will customize and really will craft resumes that will be unique enough to grab attention. And while they are grabbing attention, they must carefully and effectively highlight a candidate’s specific qualifications for the position at hand. To do this, a writer must do far more than just fill in the blanks of pre-determined templates. And yet, that is exactly what the majority of so-called professional writers do.


We understand the specific skills that resume developers must have. It is not enough that they have good grammar; it is not enough that they can write catchy phrases; it is not enough that they can use a well-designed template. A candidate who has these skills can write his/her own resume, using thousands of templates that are available all over the web. No, the best resume writers have far more than this. They must possess all of the following:

  • Recent and/or current HR experience in the field of the candidate for which they are crafting a paper
  • Employment background and experience in the field of the candidate for which they are crafting a resume
  • Ability and willingness to conduct research on each organization/company to which a candidate client is applying, as well as on the latest industry news and developments
  • Communication skills that can effectively “pull” from each client the information that makes that client unique and that will generate full trust. Clients must trust their writers with confidential information, some of which might not be stellar, and that takes real relationship-building.

When we employ a writer, all of these “boxes” are checked before s/he comes on board.


Most services have a staff of writers who have done nothing else professionally other than write resumes. The problem with this business model is that they do not have real-world experience in the business, organizational and technical careers for which they are writing. And because of this, they do not have networking and contact benefits that those who come from those fields have. Thus, you have a writer with no background creating a resume for someone looking for an executive position in national industrial sales; or a generic writer producing a resume for a federal government employee who now wants to enter private industry in the IT field.

We have a different business model. Our best resume writers are all categorized according to their real-world experience and backgrounds. They are only assigned to resume or CV writing in those career fields, and this is why each is what we call a certified writer. We have verified their past and current career backgrounds; they must prepare an original paper for us; they must demonstrate their ability to do the kind of research we expect. In addition, they are required to engage in regular professional development in the field of resume writing, so that they are up on the attest designs and trends.

If you are exploring professional services before making a choice, we urge you to ask these services exactly what they mean by the term “certified writer.” Most will not be able to give you an answer to that question. If they try to tell you that there is some kind of local or national certification, they are not being truthful – there is no such thing.


When you contact us for resume writing, you will receive a personal writer/consultant from your field. Many of our writers freelance with us, because they have current positions in their fields. The process will proceed as follows:

  • You will be put in touch with your writer so that direct communication can begin immediately
  • Your writer will ask a lot of questions, including whether you have a current resume or not. You should upload that document to your account so that it can be reviewed.
  • Your writer will need to know if you have specific positions which are currently advertised or if you need a more generic resume for the career field in general.
  • If there are specific organizations or companies to which you are applying, our professional writers conduct the comprehensive research on that organization, review the position posting very carefully, and determine things like the design that will be the best fit for that organization, the keywords and phrases that will get through a digital screening, and the key skills and experience that must be highlighted.
  • If you have not specific organizations/companies as yet, your writer will research the industry itself for the latest trends, so that those can be highlighted.
  • You should plan to spend a lot of time in discussion with your writer. S/he needs to get detail that you may not have even thought about. There will be lots of questions to answer. It is not an attempt to be intrusive – this how the best writers operate.
  • You may need several different versions of your or CV because of the specific position for which you are applying. This is common, and your professional writer will draft as many as necessary. The same goes for cover letters.
  • Drafts of resumes, CV’s and cover letters are always sent to the client for review and comment. We want your input every step of the way. And, even after you have approved and taken delivery of your documents, you may still come back and ask for revisions, free of charge.
  • Our goal is that organizations to which you apply grant you an interview. If you are not getting those interviews, we will revise your documents until you are.

What we take great care for is providing you with the best resume writer ever.


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Resumes Centre’s writers are experts in almost every career field. You are guaranteed to get qualified help regardless to whether it’s you first step in professional life or you are thinking about career change.

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