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Have you tried to write your own resume repeatedly and still don’t seem to get any response? Have you yelled out “Help me with my resume!” to an empty room when you began to be frustrated with your own attempts? Have you asked your friends or family, “help me with my resume”, and they seem to never have the time?

Have you thought to yourself, “If I pay someone to write my resume will it be good enough?”

The Vicious Cycle – Can I Pay Someone to Write My Resume

I too have been in the mindset of trying to find someone to do my resume for me. At the time, I wasn’t very good with computers so I also needed someone to type my resume. I started out by typing into the search engines “where can I make a resume?” and was bombarded with hundreds of thousands of hits of online businesses that would do my resume for me for a fee.

They had services from offering me templates to typing my resume for me. I really needed the type my resume for me one, but it was so expensive. I had no idea that finding where I can make a resume or have one made would be such a daunting task.

I had been warned to watch out for those that only offered templates, because they were probably recycled and would not offer me the best quality product to send to perspective employers.

I also found out that today’s businesses use a tracking system that looked for specific keywords to make sure that the resumes that are coming in are what they are looking for. What this meant is that if I didn’t get the correct keywords, it may never have been seen.

Getting Help - Where Can I Make a Resume?

I finally found a site that not only helped me get my paper written, I learned that there were different types of resumes and I probably was sending in the wrong type and that is why I was not getting any results.

This online service is at resumescentre.com, and they also taught me that structure and the design was as important as the type of resume. They had me look at:

  • Sentence length
  • How my columns were set up
  • Putting the most important qualities first
  • What are skills as opposed to duties and accomplishments
  • The type of paper used (I didn’t know it mattered)
  • Using bulleted points to draw the interviewer’s eyes to important parts of the paper

At resumescentre.com you not only get your paper made you find out how you can do the writing yourself if you want to. They do type for you but that is an option that you can choose to get or not to get.

It is a pay for service site, but you get what you need. There are professional writers on staff that know what makes a successful resume. Some of the qualities that made me choose them were:

  1. Emphasizing of my skills: When I did my own resume, it was just a list of what I could do, but this writing service gave a narrative of those skills and made my paper seem as though it was talking to the interviewer.
  2. The professional writers looked closely at the information I gave them and did the numbers. They presented my information in a way that showed prospective employers how much was done by me through percentages. I had no idea how much numbers mattered.
  3. They took my 4-page resume and condensed in into one page of information that was inclusive, excluding information that was not needed. They made sure that all that was included was what was needed to show I could do the job. Everything in the new paper supported my objective from beginning to end.
  4. They gave my resume what it needed without misrepresenting me. I felt that they kept me ethical by only mentioning what I could do.

The services that I needed didn’t stop with my resume, but they were also helpful with my cover letter. Because this paper is sent over the internet more today than ever, they explained to me that it was a good idea to give the HR department a good cover letter so that they know what they are about to read about you.

There are hundreds of applications coming across their desks each day, not only is a cover letter very businesslike, it is part of saying that you are interested in the job and will go the extra mile to say so.

Get Professional Assistance

When needing a writer’s help, I would recommend someone to use an online writing service such as Resumes Centre to get the job done. Do it yourself only after learning how.

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