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Resume Writing For Veterans: What is Needed

Every year thousands of Veterans return from serving in the armed forces facing civilian life without a resume to highlight their special abilities. When they begin searching for veteran resume help, they will need to be sure that the writing service knows the keywords to use to get their papers seen. We suggest that the veteran start off by using their favorite search engine and typing in, resume writing for veterans.

Unlike regular resume writing for the civilian population resume writing for veterans must be able to highlight the veteran’s special skills, training, and education while in the military.

When contacting a writing service that also provides resume writing services for veterans ask if they provide additional services such as:

  1. Cover letters
  2. CV services in case the Veteran is looking to work overseas
  3. One-on one contact with a writer
  4. Military writing experience and testimonials
  5. Do-over resumes in case the one that is provided is not working

Getting Your Veteran Resume Help

Although you may have now located a resume writing service for veterans, those that write military veteran resumes must be qualified in getting your papers seen. Those that write resumes for a living know that it must pass the ATS, (application tracking systems). These systems were created to give businesses a hand in handling the hundreds of applications that can flood their email services each day.

Ask the company that you finally decide to use if they have samples of their papers that you can review. Some companies may have templates that you can use to develop your own paper if you are so inclined to do so. If you have never written a resume, we suggest that you leave it to the professionals, especially after leaving the military.

There are some sites that you can feed your information to, and they will use a resume builder to develop an outline of what your paper should look like. These are called virtual assistants. If you need further assistance after using these builders, you can use the contact information on the site to speak to a live representative in many instances.

Going it Alone but with Help

If you decide to write your own resume by using the templates and examples provided by veteran resume writing services begin with these suggestions:

  • Write down all of your abilities while in the military in outline form
  • Get in touch with those that can write your letters of recommendation-give them at least 2 weeks’ notice
  • When applying for a job, consider the demographics in the area if you are considering relocating (schools, pay-scale, etc.)
  • Do include a cover letter/ remember to not make it a repeat of your resume
  • Do not overlook your military background, it tends to span way beyond just what the job description may want from you in the way of skills and accomplishments

Include your loyalty, and how you have been able to adjusts to changing situations over the years.

Your objectives also change from when you were in the military. In the military, you rarely had a choice, you just did what you were ordered to do. In civilian life, it is much different, you are now welcomed to make decisions based on your knowledge of the job you are seeking and your objectives for that position.

It is now also necessary for you to change the jargon you use when writing out your military resume. A veteran resume writing service is good for this type of service, they can help you translate your military jargon to civilian speak. Be patient, this transition took time for you to go into and it will take time for you to come out of, but with persistence you will succeed.

Sending your Resume Off

Because you are a Vet, your options are wide. Depend on your commanding officers to give you list of government agencies that are available to help you with job after you are discharged. Use the network that you have built over the time in the military. Get in touch with the Veterans administration in your area for help if you cannot find a suitable veteran resume writing service. There are federal websites that offer jobs listings, join them. Make sure that you also join the popular job search websites like LinkedIn, Monster, and Indeed. Good luck with your job search!

Get Help form Experts

If you have doubts and want to get a consultation from professional writers – contact We guarantee that with our help you will get a great number of job invitations.

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