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After wasting few month trying to find a job with my old CV in vain I decided to use one of those resume writing services. I felt reluctant about ordering from any of them, but ResumesCentre.com seemed trustable to me. Well, if you need CV editing – they’re your #1 choice. My CV is perfect and I really like my new job, thank you guys!

Elizabeth Morrison UK

I had no idea how to present my working experience at all, especially for it to look attractive for HR’s and employers. I’ve found ResumesCentre.com and ordered CV from them. Thanks to their CV I have the new job. It’s a trustworthy service and if you have the same problems as I had you should call on them.

Audric Vernadeau Canada

It is impossible to find the job without such services having nothing except your education. ResumesCentre.com was able to make my resume presentable without any working experience and it helped me to find the job. I wouldn’t say that it’s my dream job, but that’s a great start. I’m really grateful guys!

Joseph M. Colby USA
Memphis, Tennessee

I’ve understood that I’d reached my career peak and there were nothing interesting left for me. I needed a change, but how to present my past experience for the new job… I had no idea. I’ve looked through different resume services and picked on REsumesCentre.com as this company seemed trustworthy to me. Well, to cut a long story short – great work guys! Thanks for my new job!

Dylan Talbot UK

I thought that it’s not such a big deal to create a CV, but I couldn’t pull all my experiences together to put them on paper. After few attempts I’ve understood that I needed help. So I’ve ordered my CV from ReumesCentre.com. God, they’ve done a great work. Now my CV looks perfect and I keep on receiving those interview calls. I’m really grateful!

Ellie Robertson UK

I’ve been using my CV for quite a long time, but lately it felt like HR’s stopped noticing it. I’ve understood that something must be changed, but had no idea how to do it, so I’ve ordered CV editing from ResumesCentre.com. Previously my skills and working experiences were just a bare outline, but this service managed to make my resume really creative, and it helped me to find my new job!

Sam Flier Australia

I could never imagine that it really matters how you resume looks like. Well, guys at the ResumesCentre.com proved that to me. Before them redesigning my resume I’ve rarely got interview calls. Now I receive them regularly! Thanks a lot Resumes Centre!

Sandra Leatherman Canada

I never thought about importance about cover letter. But after spending two month living as unemployed I decided to use one of those resume services. I came across ResumesCentre.com and ordered a cover letter from them. Now with cover letter reinforcing strong sides emphasized in the resume I constantly receive interview calls. Thanks!

Martin Hanley UK

I thought that my working experience was enough for my CV, but my friend advised me to use ResumesCentre.com and I’ve ordered CV editing from them. Their writers proved me wrong, experience is not enough. They’ve polished my CV, nailed my personality and emphasized my skills. Thanks to them my CV became readable.

Eugene M. Heald USA
Denver, Colorado

While studying at university I devoted myself to education. I didn’t think about working and thought that finding a job after graduation goes without saying. But as soon as I’ve graduated, I found myself unemployed without a single idea how to make my resume attractive to employers with no working experience. After few failed attempts of making resume on my own, I’ve ordered it from Resumes Centre. I was able to control my resume execution, because I was keeping in touch with the writer. He was able to evaluate my strong sides via my education, and it helped me to find a decent job without working experience.

Cassandra Starling USA
Jackson, MS