MBA Resume

Jane Smith

Seasoned Executive With Marketing Lead Experience
MBA - 10 Years of Experience Helping Emerging Brands

Jane Smith


101 West Main St. Landline: 723-555-5555

Cleveland, OH 44101 Cell: 723-222-2222

Proven record of turning startups into industry leading powerhouses. Have from the ground level up worked with three startups that have earned Fortune 1000 status within three years. Designed the content marketing strategy for a company that later earned unicorn status. Experience in crisis management for businesses that have suffered social media and other PR embarrassments. Proven ability to position brands for stage two funding and to reach potential markets via data driven inbound marketing strategies.

Skills And Qualifications

●Social Media Marketing

●Establishing Positive Media Relations

●Conducting Market Research Under a Variety of Budget Constraints

●Business Analysis

●Coordinating Various Business Areas

●Damage Control

●Able to Use All Standard Content Creation And Promotion Tools

Professional Experience


Lead Marketing Strategist, Independent Consultant  

Initially brought on board to develop an internet marketing and social media strategy for a company that specializes in finding alternative promotional strategies for creative artists. Assisted the company in taking six local musicians and performance artists to a national level. The company is currently positioned to be bought out by a major social media outlet.

SPORTS MANAGEMENT LLC, Tokyo, Japan (2010 - 2013)

Brand Development Specialist

Assisted company in recovering from a social media gaffe that impacted worldwide audiences. Dedicated three years to training PR Staff, and ensuring that competitors could not capitalize on an unfortunate series of events.Also mastered conversational Japanese.

DORM EXCHANGE INC, Louisville, KY 40207 (2008 - 2010)

Assistant Social Media Manager

Started as an intern with a local startup website that facilitated the buying, selling, and trading of college dorm furniture, textbooks, and other items. Eventually converted into a full-time employee. Helped to create and administer the brand’s social media strategy.


Cincinnati College, MBA 2010 President's List

University of Kentucky, BA 2008 Marketing and International Business

Awards And Recognition

President, University of Kentucky Business Student Association

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