Wholesale And Retail Buyers, Except FarmWholesale and Retail Buyers, Except Farm Products salary statistic

Salary Range: $32.1k- $81.4k

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Retail Buyers, Except Farm Products
Wholesale Buyers, Except Farm Products
Salary Range: $32.1k - $81.4k

Wholesale And Retail Buyers, Except Farm Salary Report: Job Description

Individuals working in this field are in charge of locating and arranging the purchase of products that will help ensure that customers patronize retail and wholesale stores. In addition to making purchases, negotiating prices, navigating logistics, and ensuring the highest quality standards are met, buyers are also responsible for maximizing the likelihood that goods will be sold as quickly as possible.

Because of this buyers are often responsible for making and enforcing policies related to merchandising. This is the practice of displaying and arranging items within a store or on a website so that they are as appealing to consumers as possible.

Buyers must use analytical skills and relevant software to track the items that they purchase. In order to make better decisions about purchases in the future, they must keep track of customer satisfaction, sales, quality control problems, and other factors. This information will drive future price negotiations, and simply whether or not to purchase a product in the future or deal with a designer or manufacturer on an ongoing basis.

Buyers must also be aware of changing customer preferences, seasonal needs, and issues that might impact product availability. Most buyers work in a corporate or retail environment. The average day is spent working in an office. However, travel is required in many cases.

This is a full time position that requires great interpersonal skills. Computer skills are also an absolute necessity. Successful buyers who either work independently or who lead teams often have five or more years of experience in retail or wholesale. Math skills are also important.

The increasing popularity of online shopping adds new opportunities and challenges for buyers. It requires that they often have an understanding of eCommerce and web design. In addition to this, they must be able to navigate vendors’ and suppliers’ websites in order to review products, interact with sales personnel, or to make purchases.

Retail And Wholesale Buyers Salary Report: Educational Requirements

A degree is not an automatic requirement to work in this field. For most, this position is obtained by working through the ranks. Many begin on the retail floor working in sales or merchandising. In wholesale it is possible to become a buyer after starting from an entry level from elsewhere within the company.

However, there are degrees specifically designed for those interested in retail and wholesale purchasing. In fact, if someone is interested in working in fashion, most design schools offer programs in merchandising and buying,

Salary is more likely to be determined based upon years of experience and connections than it is level of education. However, there are exceptions to this.

Salary Range

The median salary is 51K. At the low end, buyers make around 36K and at the high end 88K. This depends on geography, experience, education, and industry. This job description does not consider the salary of those who purchase agricultural products. This full time position usually comes with health insurance and other similar benefits.