Training And Development Managers Training and Development Managers salary statistic

Salary Range: $49.5k- $174k

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Salary Range: $49.5k - $174k

Training And Development Managers Job Description

Training and development managers help increase growth and profitability by ensuring that employees have the training they need to successfully execute their duties. Depending upon the scope of their position and the size of their organization, they might design and present educational materials themselves, sometimes using the assistance of resume and cover letter writing services for formatting. They may also be responsible for hiring vendors to conduct training, or for selecting training software.

Training and develoment managers are frequently part of an organizations Human Resources team. However, they often work closely with IT and other business areas. The goals of the training and development manager include:

●Ensuring that employees complete any training mandated by regulation.

●Evaluating employees progress throughout their training.

●Providing employees and supervisors with feedback.

●Helping employees advance in their careers by providing them with good training options.

In addition to all of this, duties  may also include working with local colleges and universities to create training curriculum, and outsource training.

Training managers should possess great interpersonal skills. They should be intuitive and sensitive as well. There is also some pressure in this position as the quality of services they provide can impact others’ success. For example a manager in training salary might be tied to their ability to master certain tasks. This could be affected by the quality of training materials they are given.

Educational And Salary Requirements For Training Manager

Training manager salary ranges from 47K to around 110K. The median training and development manager salary is about 73K. Most people working in this field have a Bachelor’s degree in business management, business administration, education, or human resources management. If development managers wish to advance into management positions, many companies expect them to have Master’s degrees and or relevant certifications. Level of education absolutely has an impact on sales training manager salary.

In addition to education, geography and industry impact both salary and education requirements. For example an Abercrombie and Fitch manager in training salary may be higher on the coasts than in the midwest. On the other hand the designer of an enterprise management training program salary at a large corporation could be significanly higher than the median rate regardless of location.

Career Outlook

There will always be a demand for professionals in this niche. For one thing, most companies have to have employees complete training related to safety regulations, sexual harassment, and other topics in order to remain in compliance with regulations. Businesses that operate as government contractors often have even more stringent training requirements.