Tax Preparer Tax Preparers salary statistic

Salary Range: $23.7k- $79.5k

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Salary Range: $23.7k - $79.5k

Tax Preparer Salary Report: Job Description

A tax preparer helps businesses and individuals with the task of filing year end and quarterly tax returns. In many cases, this is a seasonal position. Highest employment rates tend to spike around the end of the year, and then continue through late April. However, there are some preparers who work year round. Preparers who work for small businesses are also busy during the ends of each fiscal quarter.

While certified public accountants can and do help their employers and clients with tax form preparation, and they do play a role in ensuring that individuals and businesses maintain proper records and pay taxes on time, most tax preparers are not accountants. Instead, they are individuals who are trained to use special software designed to prepare tax return documents and transmit them to the Internal Revenue Service as well as local and state revenue collection agencies.

The duties of such professional are to ensure that their client has and submits all of the documentation required of them. In addition to this, they are expected to use the software on which they are trained to minimize liability and maximize the amount of refund the client is eligible to receive.

H & R Block and Liberty tax preparer salary is also largely commission based. Preparers earn more money if they are able to sell clients on other products and services. These might include high interest refund anticipation loans, selling investment packages, and audit free guarantees. In addition to helping clients with current year tax returns, many advertise their ability to look at previous years returns and assist clients in getting additional refunds.

Tax Preparers Salary Report: Daily Tasks And Duties

The majority of such preparer’s day involves greeting clients and walking them through the tax preparation procedure. They also contact customers when their returns have been processed and approved. In addition to understanding and navigating special software, preparers also must be able to operate printers, scanners, fax machines, and other equipment.

Preparers who are self employed also have the daily tasks of running their offices, dealing with employees and marketing their services. Many work from their homes, while others travel to client locations. In some cases, a self employed preparer will temporarily rent retail space during tax season.

Income Tax Preparer Salary Report: Educational Requirements

The educational levels of tax preparers can vary. Because this is largely a seasonal position, professionals from a variety of fields often learn this skill in order to supplement their income. Self employed preparers must pass an IRS exam and register as a preparer before they can begin taking on clients. Depending on location, other education and licensing requirements may also be in place. Many large tax preparation services offer courses for people interested in becoming preparers. However, it is important to note that there may be a charge for this, and that completing a course successfully may not guarantee an offer of employment. Some community colleges

Tax Preparation Salary Report: Salary Range

The median rate of pay for a tax preparation professional is about 12 dollars per hour. It can go as low 8 dollars per hour and as high as 24 dollars per hour. Pay rates reflect the seasonal and often part time nature of this field. A significant amount of income is the result of commissions and bonuses. Preparers do not generally receive benefits.