Tax Examiners Collectors And Revenue AgentsTax Examiners, Collectors and Preparers, and Revenue Agents salary statistic

Salary Range: $19.3k- $79.5k

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Salary Range: $19.3k - $79.5k

Tax Examiners Collectors And Revenue Agents Salary Report: Job Description

Tax examiners, collectors, and revenue agents work for government agencies and are responsible for ensuring that individuals and businesses pay the taxes that they owe. They do this by examining tax documents and billing and payment records. They work to identify errors or attempts at fraud that result in people paying less in taxes than they should.

In some cases, a tax examiner will work for businesses and other organizations like CV writing services. They examine tax documents and other records. Their job is to identify where excess taxes may have been paid in the past, and to identify potential items that can be used to reduce the overall tax obligation. In the event that an examiner finds that their employer or organization owes additional taxes or is in arrears, they may work with government agencies to negotiate reduction of debts or payment plans.

 Collectors and revenue agents employ a variety of methods to prove that individuals and organizations owe  unpaid taxes and to collect those taxes. In some cases, this may include involving law enforcement to carry out property seizures. Collectors and revenue agents may also work with lawyers, banks, and other entities. They may place liens on properties, arrange for sales and auctions of real estate and other assets to pay off tax obligations. They may also take action against estates, seize bank accounts, and file various court orders including paycheck garnishments.

In some instances, information and evidence gathered by revenue agents and collectors will be used by law enforcement or tax agencies to begin criminal investigations.

In order to be successful in these positions, professionals must be computer literate, have excellent communications skills, and be able to work effectively with a variety of individuals and organizations. Professionals in these fields must understand all of the laws and regulations that apply to tax collections and payments. Those working for government agencies must also understand the rights retained by individuals and businesses during the examination and collection process.

Tax Collector Salary Report: Daily Tasks

Daily schedules and duties can vary widely. The following is an example of an itinerary of a revenue or collection agent.

  • Accompany sheriff to serve subpoena to resident in serious tax arrears.
  • Print off and mail bills and supporting documents to businesses who have not paid real estate taxes in the past year.
  • Fax documents with the courts to place liens on several properties to be held until they are sold or the owner’s tax obligations are otherwise satisfied.
  • Approve payment arrangements for a small business owner to catch up on owed taxes.
  • Provide a sworn deposition to an IRS attorney relating to a tax fraud case
  • Updating county tax records.

An examiner often spends their days examining their employer’s or client’s financial and tax records. They will then report back inconsistencies, errors, or other items that could mean over or under payment of taxes.

Tax Agent Salary Report: Educational Requirements

This field requires a degree in accounting, finance, economics, or other related fields. In addition to studying tax accounting, many also minor in law enforcement. Forensic accounting courses are now offered at many schools and are popular among people interested in these fields. Professionals seeking to work with government agencies at the federal level are often required to take the civil service examination, and pass with a satisfactory score.

Salary Range

The median salary is 46K. The low range starts at 29K and goes up to 84K. Years of experience and the size and type of organization have an impact on salary. Geography plays a role as well. Full time tax agents and collectors usually receive insurance benefits in addition to their salaries.