SurveyorSurveyors salary statistic

Salary Range: $34.9k- $95.7k

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Salary Range: $34.9k - $95.7k

Surveyors are tasked to measure accurate sizes and dimensions of properties based on the boundaries placed on local, regional, and state maps. They measure not just the entirety of an area, but also the additional dimensions that allow for measurement of the shape and contour of the land. Their job is meant to give engineers, cartographers, and architects measurable data for their work. If you try to land a surveyor's job, the best resume writing services are available to help you.

Surveyors work both off-site and on-site, with the latter being the most frequent part of the job. When they work off-site, surveyors tend to spend all day walking, measuring, and standing for long period due to the size of the land area they are measuring of the weather changes on the scheduled day of the survey.

Common Duties and Daily Tasks

Surveyors have a multitude of tasks under their belts. That is why they get a hefty professional land surveyor salary depending on the amount of work they have to do and the size of the land they are working on. The number one task of a surveyor is to measure the distance and angle between two points above, below, and on top of the Earth’s surface. This means that they are measuring the dimensions of a property as well as the depth and rise of the land based on sea levels.

Surveyors also travel to the sites and use known reference points so they have a starting point for their survey. Without these reference points, surveyors have to start from scratch and measure based on coordinates on the map. They are also tasked to do research on records of land titles and past survey records.

Other than that, surveyors must look for evidence of previous boundaries to avoid overlapping their own measurements with historical ones from previous surveys. They must record the results of their surveys and verify if the data is correct and accurate. Once they are done with that, they must prepare maps, plots, and reports so that they can present their results to government entities as well as their personal clients.

Educational Requirements

Surveyors do not work on a daily basis, so the typical land surveyor salary allows them to charge for other areas of their expertise. This is why students choose to major in this area because of the flexibility of the work, the chance to travel, and the ability to help engineers, architects, and cartographers possess a starting point for their work.

Although there is no specific major that allows for surveyors to acquire a license immediately after graduating to take advantage of the beneficial surveyor salary, students can acquire a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, information technology, statistics, civil engineering, forestry, and many others. It is only pertinent that there be an emphasis on basic and advanced mathematics.

Before applying for a degree to become a surveyor, a student must ensure that their school is accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). After studying and graduating with their degree, students must work under a licensed surveyor for 4 years before they can acquire their own license. Some states may require continued education to keep the license active.

The National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying has a general process of the work required to get a license, but the timeline varies from state to state. First a student must pass the level of education required in a state, pass the FS or Fundamentals of Surveying examination, acquire the necessary work experience under a licensed surveyor and finally, they must pass the PS or Priniciples and Practice of Surveying Exam.

Salary Range

The most recent recording of a surveyor’s salary shows that they can earn a median wage of $58,020. The lowest professional surveyor salary can cap at $32,850, while the highest licensed land surveyor salary can go as high as $95,800. The licensed surveyor salary also depends on the industry they are working for. The government pays the highest with a median wage of $64,980, with the construction industry following at $61,730, and architectural, engineering, and other categories at $56,610.