Software Developer Software Developers and Programmers salary statistic

Salary Range: $59.4k- $160k

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Salary Range: $59.4k - $160k

Software Developer Salary Report: Job Description

A software developer uses a variety of tools, apps, and programming languages to design, write, and test software. While some people use the terms software developer and computer programmer interchangeably, there are some general differences. A person with the job title of computer programmer usually works for or with an organization that is not in the business of making or selling software. They write code to produce programs that helps that company operate.

On the other hand, the average software developer salary is earned by developing apps and software packages. Most developers work for or have contracts with companies that create product that is purchased by individuals and other businesses. This can include apps or software available for download. In some cases, shrink wrapped software is still developed. These products are then made available in stores or online.

Most packages developed by such developers are purchased by individual consumers for use on their laptops, desktop computers, tablets, and other devices. However, there is a very considerable business to community market in software development.

Advanced And Entry Level Software Developer Salary Report: Common Tasks and Duties

Such developers use a variety of languages in which to develop, maintain, and customize software. This might include, Java, Visual Basic, C++ and others. In addition to developing product, many are also responsible for the phases of testing, design and other related tasks. Software development salary is given to those who can understand user requirements, read specifications given to them, and produce bug free code. Depending on the size of the organization, the developer may also be required to write the documentation related to the product they develop.

During a day, they might participate in development meeting, work on a customization request from a VIP customer, investigate bug reports, and write out coding specifications for a junior programmer. They will frequently report to a project manager regarding their progress on a particular project and the deliverables for which they are responsible.

Educational Requirements

Most developers have a bachelor’s degree. This could be in fields such as Computer Science, Information Science, Software Development, Software Engineering, or Information Technology. Most developers develop proficiency in more than one programming language. This makes them significantly more marketable, as few packages are written in a single language.

When a programmer does not have a bachelor’s degree, they usually have some other form of higher education. This could be received from a community college or tech school. There are various computer programming certifications. However, the value of these, as far as marketability is concerned, can vary.

Salary Range

The median salary for a software developer is just under 69K. However, the average salary range goes from 48K to 100K. Experience seems to be the dominating factor with those with the most career experience earning up to 43% higher incomes than others in the field. Python, Linux, and C++ are the most in demand technologies. Software developers almost always work in positions that offer health insurance and related benefits.

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