Social And Community Service ManagerSocial and Community Service Managers salary statistic

Salary Range: $36.7k- $97.7k

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Salary Range: $36.7k - $97.7k

Social And Community Service Managers: Job Description

A social or community services manager frequently works for state or local government agencies, mental health organizations, social service charities, or medical facilities. Top professional resume writing services are also the area for a social service manager to to unleash their potential. They are in charge of programs that are designed to help clients reach their maximum level of function and to provide education to the general public on available services and the role of their particular agency in the community. 

Community and social service managers are often in charge of teams that might include social workers, patient advocates, educators, community activists, administrative staff, and even medical. They are in charge of scheduling, overseeing meetings, and creating and working within budgets. They are also frequently in charge of fundraising, and may work with grant writers or act as grant writers for their organization. As someone working in a supervisory capacity, they are often in charge of making hiring decisions and conducting employee reviews.

Community service managers may design and administer some of the following programs:

  • Operating day centers for mental health patients
  • Halfway houses for recently paroled offenders
  • Outreach for the homeless
  • Veterans and Disabled Persons programs
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Job Training and Workforce Re Entry
  • At Risk Student Intervention
  • Crime Prevention
  • Victims Advocacy and Support
  • Domestic Violence Victims and Offender Education

In medical facilities, they are often in charge of ensuring that a patient’s experience as a whole is helping them to become a more productive and happier member of society. This can mean helping to ensure medication compliance, introducing patients to programs in their community, and educating patients and their families about therapy options including art, movement, and music therapy. They frequently work in mental hospitals, drug rehabilitation centers, correctional facilities, and veterans hospitals.

As part of government social service agencies, the social service manager is often in charge of teams who are given the task of helping at risk families. In many cases, they are the last resort for families who are at risk for becoming homeless or losing members to foster care or incarceration.

This is an extremely emotionally and physically demanding field. It requires long hours that often extend into evenings and weekends. Many in this field are frequently on call.

They also must review, present, and write reports relating to the effectiveness of the programs they run, future needs, and budgetary concerns.

Social Work Case Manager Salary Report: Educational Requirements

Some people working in this field have bachelor’s degrees. However, most have obtained master’s degrees along with a variety of certificates and licences. These can vary depending on the state. Typically degrees are in fields such as health and human services, social work, sociology, counseling, community health, addiction management, or other similar disciplines. The MSW (Master of Social Work) is probably the most commonly held degree in this field. Military resumes are also accepted.

Salary Range

Median salary is about 48K. The low range is around 33K and the high is about 70K. This disparity is due to the fact that professionals in this field are often paid out of state and local budgets which can vary widely based on a number of factors. Most people in this field do have health and other benefits.