Sales and Marketing ManagerMarketing and Sales Managers salary statistic

Salary Range: $68.6k- $187k

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Salary Range: $68.6k - $187k

Sales and Marketing Manager

Career professionals in the fields of sales and marketing are busy people. They have end-responsibility for market research, sales, pricing, and the development of marketing, advertising, and public relations functions for their companies.

Obviously, the larger the enterprise, the larger the staff to supervise and manage, and thus the sales and marketing manager salary will be on the higher end of the range. With small companies and startups, the sales and marketing manager may be of “force” of one or the leader of a very small team. In such cases, they may also have responsibilities for creating marketing materials. In any case, the functions remain essentially the same, and they are numerous and varied.

Salary Expectations

The median marketing and sales manager salary is about $55,000, with the total range coming in between $34,000 and $104,000. This wide range reflects the range of assigned duties that managers have, based upon the size of their organizations; other factors are geographic. In very large organizations, moreover, marketing and sales will be divided into separate departments, each with a manager.

One additional point – Sales and marketing managers in the technology industry tend to make more than those in other industry niches.

General Responsibilities

In order to develop plans and strategies, the wales and marketing manager must conduct significant market research, looking at the market in general, the competition, and the potential customer base. Many products and letter writing services are envisioned, but unless there is real potential for sales and profits, it makes no sense for a company to proceed.

Once the research confirms viability, the manager must take over the strategic plan for getting the product/service to market and promoting it.

The position requires long hours and, in the case of large companies, a good deal of travel. 40-hour weeks should not be the goal of any sales and marketing manager. Stressors are always present.

Educational Requirements

Most individuals who move into positions of sales and/or marketing management have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in business administration or marketing. Many have an MBA with emphasis on marketing along with heavy coursework in statistics and economics. An individual with a Bachelor’s degree in a tech-related field who then obtains an MBA is in high demand right now and will command a salary at the higher end of the range. Fluency in at least one foreign language is especially valuable with large companies with a global marketing reach.

Moving immediately into a position of management is not realistic. Many who achieve this level of management have been in the marketing and sales departments of large companies and have proven themselves, or move into positions from relevant successful experience elsewhere.