Purchasing ManagerPurchasing Managers salary statistic

Salary Range: $57.2k- $153k

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Salary Range: $57.2k - $153k

Purchasing Manager Salary Report: Job Description

A purchasing manager works for all types of businesses. Construction companies, manufacturing businesses, and retailers all must purchase goods from wholesalers, vendors, and suppliers. The purchasing manager works to ensure that the company only deals with reputable companies. They also ensure that the products that they purchase are top quality, and within budget. Because of this, they are constantly negotiating and renegotiating terms. They may even have to work to create competitive opportunities by securing exclusive deals.

Within the organization, the purchasing manager must work in concert with marketing and sales staff. This helps them to understand and meet the needs of the company as far as customer demand and sales forecasting. Essentially they are responsible to ensure that all of the supplies needed are available to fill orders after a marketing campaign.

A purchasing manager must be personable, and able to create good relationships with others. They are often given the task of supervising others in the purchasing department. They must have excellent negotiation skills, and the ability to know when to end a relationship with a current vendor. In many cases, former military service members choose this career and look for resume writing services for veterans as they are perfectly used to subordination yet possess the above listed skills choose this career 

Good math skills and analytical abilities are a must. In order to be successful at negotiations, a good purchasing manager must be confident and well-spoken. They must also have a solid understanding of company policies and procedures. Depending on the organization, they might also need to understand ISO standards.

Educational Requirements Impacting Purchasing Manager Salary Range

The salary for a purchasing manager is impacted by the level of education they have obtained. Most have obtained a bachelor's degree. A certified purchasing manager salary will average higher. Certification can be obtained from the Institute of Supply Management, the Association For Operations Management, or other similar organization. Some organizations may require a more advanced degree if someone wants to advance into a district level position, become a director, or earn an executive level title. The highest position on the career path of a purchasing manager is Chief Operations Officer (COO).

In some organizations, individuals can earn a purchase manager salary and title by working their way up through the organization rather than earning a college degree. They may start as PO processors, or assistant buyers. Some might even work their way into the position as warehouse or distribution center staff.

Wage And Salary Information

The average salary for a purchasing manager depends on the size of the company, location, experience and education. The median salary is just under 65K. The low range of the payscale is 42K and the high range is close to 100K. Many purchasing managers earn bonuses and commissions in addition to their salaries. Health and dental benefits are generally available.

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