Public Relations and Fundraising ManagersPublic Relations Specialists salary statistic

Salary Range: $34.8k- $99.2k

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Salary Range: $34.8k - $99.2k

Public Relations and Fundraising Managers

Public relations and fundraising are considered to be mid-level management positions in organizations of all sizes. Generally, managers in these functions begin as lower level staff members in a PR or fundraising department and move up as they gain years of experience. The national average salary for public relations manager position is $76,335 in the U.S., but the full range varies widely by organization type and size. Small non-profit organizations may set the salary of a public relations manager much lower than the average ($30,000-$40,000). A major corporation, on the other hand, may provide a salary as high as $300,000 (e.g., Coca-Cola, BP, etc.), the reason of course being the high level of responsibility, public exposure, and size of the department that is managed.

In essence, PR managers are responsible for the public image an organization portrays. They communicate to the public via several outlets, the most predominant being news media. They are responsible for press releases, responding to the media when there are events or issues (e.g., the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico) and in general must portray the organization as reputable, responsible, profitable (to stakeholders) and/or worthy of support (to donors). A public relation manager salary will be determined by the amount of work and time required to fulfill the duties of his/her specific position. Additional duties may include writing speeches for organizational executives. These can be ordered from specific companies like letter writing service or other paper writing site.

Fundraising managers have the additional responsibility of organizing funding drives and events, and generating a wide range of publicity for those activities.

Both PR managers and fundraisers are often responsible for the organization’s website and all of its social media platforms.

Educational Requirements

PR managers usually begin their careers with a Bachelor’s degree in public relations, communications, or journalism. From there, they gain experience and often return to school for a Master’s degree in a related field. With this additional education and experience, they will be serious candidates for management positions or for moves to larger organizations where the salary for public relations manager will be significantly higher.

Time Commitments and Travel

PR managers can expect to put in more than a normal 40-hour week on many occasions. S/he must be available not just for the normal daily PR work but also when newsworthy events, positive or negative, occur at any time. Some of this work can be highly stressful and require around-the-clock vigilance and communication.

Unless the organization is large with a national “footprint,” or multi-national, there may not be significant travel requirements for PR managers. Still, they must be available for any situation that may pop at any time.