Property Real Estate And Community Association ManagerProperty, Real Estate, and Community Association Managers salary statistic

Salary Range: $27.5k- $115k

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Salary Range: $27.5k - $115k

Property Real Estate And Community Association Managers Salary Report: Job Description

A property, real estate, or community association manager is in charge of ensuring that a property or set of properties is properly maintained, that rules and regulations are followed by tenants and property owners, that common areas are maintained, and that any fees are collected and applied towards maintenance, upkeep, and administrative costs.

A property manager often works for the owners of an apartment complex or other rental communities. They are usually the point of contact for tenants who have issues or concerns. Depending on the size of the community that they manage, the property manager might perform maintenance tasks themselves, or give those tasks to maintenance staff or contractors. Sometimes, the property manager is strictly in charge of exterior maintenance and upkeep of common areas such as foyers, entrance ways, and lobbies. This is usually a full-time position. However, it can be a punch out type position often for retired contractors or maintenance people. Due to this, it is in the top popular job seacrh queries next to " write my resume."

A real estate manager works for real estate companies, banks, and real estate investors. They are responsible for ensuring that properties for sale or rent are presentable. This includes keeping up with both interior and exterior maintenance. They are also give the task of ensuring that properties remain up to code and for obtaining any licenses or permits required from local government agencies. When a rental home is occupied, they are often the ones who tenants contact for assistance. Banks frequently hire real estate managers to maintain foreclosed properties. Like property managers this is usually a full-time position. However it can be part time, and it is common for this position to be held by retired contractors.

A community association manager works for the community association in a subdivision, mobile home community, retirement village, or other similar neighborhood where residents own their homes. They are responsible for collecting annual fees, fines, for violations, and enforcing homeowners association bylaws. They are often responsible with contracting with snow removal, lawn maintenance, pool maintenance firms, and other business to help ensure that the area is kept in good repair. In some cases, they also help to plan and organize neighborhood events such as rummage sales, block parties, and spring clean up initiatives. This is often a part time job that is carried about by a resident of the community.

Property Manager Salary Report: Educational Requirements

There are no specific degree requirements that are universal. Some firms require a degree or certificate in a field related to maintenance, light industrial, or construction work. However, many work their way up from positions on maintenance crews or move into the field from the construction fields. Some begin as helpers or assistants. It goes without saying that and assistant property manager salary is less than lead property management salary.

Earning a commercial property manager salary may require a business degree in some cases. However equal experience is usually considered as well.

Salary Information

The median salary is just under 49K. However the range can go as high as 71K and as low as 41K. However, these assume full time employment. A community association  manager salary could be significantly lower if it is a very part time position. Full time employees of banks, property management firms, apartment complexes, etc. often receive full health benefits and other perks. Independent contractors and part time employees often do not.

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