Postmasters And Mail SuperintendentsPostmasters and Mail Superintendents salary statistic

Salary Range: $54.1k- $88.3k

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Salary Range: $54.1k - $88.3k

Postmasters And Mail Superintendents Salary Report: Description of Duties

A postmaster or mail superintendent is in charge of a postal facility or the director of a collection of postal facilities. The postmaster salary depends upon years of experience, pay grade, and exact position. The highest level, the postmaster general salary is generally the highest in the land. This is the position, in the United States that is appointed to be in charge of the entire United States Postal system.

Of course, most people with the title of postmaster or mail superintendent work in local post offices or in satellite locations. A mail superintendent is an alternative title. This can be someone in a supervisory or managerial role in a postal office. It can also be used to describe a role in a private organization that involves internal and external mail and courier services.

A postmaster at a local post office oversees the operations of that location. They usually report to a regional or district manager.

The postmaster must understand all of the rules, policies, and laws related to sending documents and packages through the United States postal system. This includes weighing and sorting. This also includes safety regulations. They must understand and be able to execute the ancillary services of the post office as well. This includes selling postal money orders, passports, and helping young men register for selective services. They must also ensure that informational posters and other information is properly displayed for customers.

In addition to all of this, the postmaster is tasked with ensuring that the post office is adequately staffed at all times. This includes ensuring adequate holiday coverage.

This is a full time supervisory role that involves hiring, training, advising, and evaluating mail sorters, rural carriers, drivers, and other workers. In some cases, postmasters also work with private shipping companies such as FedEx or UPS who contract out government services.

When machines fall into disrepair, the postmaster is responsible for ensuring that these items are fixed in a timely manner. The postmaster must work under a strict budget that is subject to change on an annual basis. The salary of a postmaster is impacted by this budget and they may not receive cost of living raises if those are not within the current fiscal year’s budget.

USPS Postmaster Salary Report: Educational Requirements

Becoming a postmaster depends on experience, the ability to pass the official exam, and waiting one's turn for a position to become available. There is no specific degree or certificate that qualifies a person for this position. However, college degrees are fairly common among people with these jobs. Special consideration is given to those who have civil service experience. Obtaining a high score on the civil service exam is also beneficial. This is a career field where military service will give a person hiring priority.

Range of Salary of Postmaster And Other Similar Workers

Nationally, the median salary is about 66K. The low range of pay is about 44K and the high range is about 86K. Because this is a civil service job and usually full time there are health and retirement benefits available. You can calculate exact salary here: