Network And Computer Systems AdministratorsNetwork and Computer Systems Administrators salary statistic

Salary Range: $45.3k- $112k

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Salary Range: $45.3k - $112k

Network And Computer Systems Administrators Salary Report: Job Description

Network and computer system administrators are responsible for ensuring the daily functionality of computer systems and networks within an organization. They perform a variety of duties in the course of a single work day. This job requires communications skills, technical knowledge, and the ability to organize and prioritize a variety of tasks. As part of their duties, admins are often in contact with sensitive information. Because of this, background checks are often part of the screening process. Computer and network administrators who work for government agencies or contractors are often tasked with obtaining and maintaining the proper security clearances. The sysadmin often reports to the head of IT. They are often tasked with  managing help desk personnel, administrative staff, and other technical employees.

The specific skills that an administrator must have depends upon their specific duties. In smaller organizations, the admin might be responsible for the upkeep and operation of all networking and computer equipment. In a larger organization that uses multiple computer platforms and networking protocols, the computer or network administrator might only be in charge of one aspect of the entire information technology infrastructure. If you aren't sure thta your resume or CV is perfect for this position you can ask "edit my CV" from experts in this field.

Computer Systems Administrator Salary Report: Duties

In the course of any given day, the duties performed can vary greatly. They might include:

  • Creating and maintaining user profiles
  • Hiring technicians to perform routine maintenance or conduct repairs on hardware, peripherals, and networks
  • Installing security patches and operating system upgrades
  • Troubleshooting computer or networking issues
  • Reviewing reports, usage data, and analytics
  • Meeting with computer operators and other IT staff
  • Writing and updating IT policies
  • Ordering new equipment
  • Completing expense reports
  • Training employees
  • Deploying software installations and updates
  • Working with IT staff on budgeting and planning

In general, any task that is required to keep networks and computer systems up and running efficiently is the responsibility of the admin. However, in larger organizations, specific duties may be delegated to underlings. The admin might be responsible for a variety of equipment. This includes routers, cables, servers, personal computers, printers, scanners, and mainframes. In manufacturing environments, they might also be responsible for ensuring that connected or computer enabled machinery is properly maintained.

Network And Computer Systems Administrator Salary Report: Educational Requirements

Admins often have a variety of education and experience. While it is common for an admin to have a bachelor’s or associate’s degree, it isn’t mandatory. In many cases admins work their way up from entry level tech positions. In other cases, they begin their careers working as engineers or technicians with hardware manufacturers, and then  move into admin positions. For example, it is very common for IBM systems engineers to become private consultants who work as systems administrators in the corporate sector.

Many companies consider work experience, certifications, or military experience to be just as valuable as a college degree in this field.

Salary Range

The median salary for this career field is 58K. The low end of the range starts at 40K while the high range is just over 80K. This is generally a full time position with fringe benefits.