Medical And Health Services ManagerMedical and Health Services Managers salary statistic

Salary Range: $65.6k- $175k

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Salary Range: $65.6k - $175k

Medical And Health Services Managers Salary Report Overview

Medical and health services managers are in charge of the operations of healthcare organizations or departments within healthcare organization. They might run hospitals or departments within that hospital (e.g. billing or nuclear medicine), ambulatory or outpatient care facilities, nursing homes, dialysis centers, campus health centers, drug rehabilitation centers, or other healthcare facilities.

Because this is such a wide ranging field, the specific duties are varied. However, most take on the administrative functions that include budgeting, scheduling, customer support, dealing with vendors and suppliers, billing, and other similar tasks. Using top rated resume writing services you can match your skills to pretty much any requirement set your target career may have. The following are some of the more popular roles in this field.

Medical Office Manager Salary Report: Summary of Duties

A medical office manager generally takes care of the non medical side of a doctor’s office or hospital department. They are in charge of billing, scheduling patients, dealing with vendors and pharmaceutical reps, answering requests for patient records, and other duties. The medical practice manager salary depends on location and experience as well as the size of the organization.

Medical Office Management Salary Report: Summary of Duties

In some cases, office management is outsourced to consultants. Members of these teams provide management services to practices who cannot afford or who do not need full-time staff members.

Medical Billing Manager Salary Report: Summary of Duties

Hospitals and large medical facilities must deal with complicated billing processes. These involve insurance companies, government regulations, patients, and at times collections. Because of this, many hire health services managers who are specifically trained to deal with medical billing.

Medical Management Salary Report: Summary of Duties

It is becoming more common for health facilities and even insurance companies to take a holistic approach to providing services to patients. Because of this the position of medical manager or patient manager exists to ensure that a patient’s experience is as positive as possible throughout their course of treatment. The medical case manager salary varies widely depending on the exact duties and the type of facility.

In any case, this is a physically demanding field. It also requires empathy and excellent communications skills. Possessing great computer skills is also mandatory.

Medical Manager Salary Report: Educational Requirements

Education requirements vary as the specific jobs within this category involve a wide array of duties and qualifications. In some cases medical staff will move into these positions. This is more common with technicians, nurses, and physicians assistants. Most managers have some form of a college degree or certificate. This might be in coding and billing, office assistant, physician assisting, hospital administration, dental assisting, etc. People with degrees in business or business administration may also work their way into management positions in the healthcare industry.

Successful managers often continue their educations throughout their careers as it is an ever changing field.

Salary Range

Median salary is just under 65K. The highest paid managers make close to 100K while the lowest paid earn around 40K. Health benefits are common. Most people in the field report high job satisfaction although burnout rates are fairly common.