Lodging ManagerLodging Managers salary statistic

Salary Range: $41.2k- $86.5k

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Salary Range: $41.2k - $86.5k

Lodging Manager Salary Report: Job Description

A lodging manager also known as a hotel, motel, or resort manager is given the duty of ensuring that travelers have the best experience possible when staying at their facility. Their customers include business travelers, and those traveling for recreation and other purposes. Some also manage extended stay hotels that operate largely like apartment complexes. The lodging manager is ultimately responsible for ensuring that all amenities are provided as promised. This includes:

  • Ensuring that appropriate rooms are available
  • Making sure that standards of service and cleanliness are met
  • Answering questions and providing information on the hotel and surrounding areas
  • Arranging transportation for clients
  • Accommodating special requests
  • Ensuring that the hotel is adequately staffed
  • Checking guests into rooms
  • Dealing with complaints and customer service issues
  • Making employee schedules
  • Ensuring that daily operational costs stay within the established budget
  • Coordinating with other managers and supervisors on site

Depending on the size of the facility and staffing the lodging manager might perform these duties themselves or they will delegate them to other staff members.

The specific types of duties depend largely on the location of the hotel, its amenities, and the customer base of the facility. For example, the manager of an economy motor lodge will have distinctly different duties than the manager of a luxury hotel in a major metropolis. In addition to this, the manager of a resort on the grounds of a large amusement park will have a completely different experience entirely.

This is a full time job that requires great customer service skills, the ability to problem solve and a willingness to work on one’s feet. Lodging managers could be asked to work all hours of the day, and many are subject to being on call. However, in most hotels and resorts the ‘plum’ day positions often go to the most experienced workers who have been deemed to have put in their time.

Lodging Manager Salary Report: Educational Requirements

Some people rise to the rank of hotel or lodging manager by working their way up from entry level positions. They often begin as clerks. In some instances they are also part of the hotel’s concierge team.

In most cases though, a lodging manager has an associate's or bachelor’s degree in Hospitality services, Hotel and Restaurant Management or other similar fields. There are also technical schools and Junior colleges that offer certificate programs in this field as well. Some high schools have cooperative education programs that can also help students get a start in this field before graduating from high school.

Salary Range

The median salary for a hotel manager is just a little above 45K. However, it is very notable that this career field has an extraordinary salary range overall. The pay for a lodgings manager can be as low as 25K and as high as 90K. People in this field can earn significant bonuses. Most full-time employees in this field receive some type of medical benefits. Not surprisingly, lodging managers in New York City earn the highest salaries reported.