Landscape ArchitectArchitects, Landscape salary statistic

Salary Range: $34.7k- $82.7k

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Surveyors, Cartographers, and Photogrammetrists
Salary Range: $34.7k - $82.7k

Landscape architects are tasked to design outdoor spaces such as parks, campus exteriors, recreational building exteriors, private home exteriors, as well as other open areas. Some of the best have earned a high landscape architect salary when they worked on huge parks that are popular tourist or art attractions around the globe.

Although landscape architects spend much of their time inside their firms, they visit their job sites in order to develop a better understanding and acquire an accurate measurement of the design they will be working on. The industry for landscape architecture is expected to grow 5% in a decade, which means that the landscaping architect salary may be expected to rise as well.

Common Duties and Daily Tasks

Landscape architects typically meet with engineer, architects, and clients in order to understand what is needed of them. While architects work mostly on structures and engineers on the whole layout of the building and surrounding areas, landscape architects can work with them to prepare site plans, design specifications, and costing for projects.

They are also tasked to coordinate the arrangement of proposed and existing structures to sync with their intended design. Off-site, landscape architects work on graphic representations of their designs using computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) programs. Apart from that, they must also consider the right materials for their design as well as its appropriateness in relation to existing structures and land features.

On-site, landscape architects must analyze environmental information on land features like energy usage and drainage systems so that they can work their design around it. They must also inspect the progress of the construction and development of their design to ensure that their plans are being followed.

Educational Requirements

All 50 states except for Washington, D.C, Massachusetts, Illinois, and Maine, require licensing before landscape architects can work and earn an entry level landscape architect salary. Apart from that, every state, except Washington, D.C, requires them to acquire a license before they can solicit business using the title “landscape architect.” In order to acquire a license, an applicant must have a degree in landscape architecture from an accredited college or university, internship experience, and they must also pass the Landscape Architect Registration Examination.

Landscape architecture offers two undergraduate professional degrees. One is the Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture, while the other is the Bachelor of Landscape Architecture. Both programs usually take 4 to 5 years to finish. The Landscape Architectural Accreditation Board (LAAB) approves the programs in the school.

If a student already has a degree in a related field, they can acquire a masters degree in Landscape Architecture so they can qualify for the licensure examination. This typically requires three years to finish.

Studying landscape architecture means going through several courses such as landscape construction, landscape design, surveying, site design, landscape ecology, regional and urban design planning. Other coursework includes plant and soil science for garden landscapes, history of landscape architecture, general management, and geology. Students are also required to master computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) technology and model building before they can graduate.

Salary Range

Since most landscape architects work full time, they can earn an average landscape architect salary of $63, 810. The average salary for a landscape architect in the lower bracket can go as far down as $40, 230. However, that can quickly rise due to the need for bigger exterior infrastructure in modern-themed projects that are being developed all around the country.

The highest range of a senior landscape architect salary falls somewhere around $104,710. These landscape architects are usually the ones who own a firm and manage junior landscape architects or they can be the ones who are prominently known in their field because of their artistic and major contributions to the work of landscape architects.