Information Security AnalystInformation Security Analysts salary statistic

Salary Range: $36.2k- $104k

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Salary Range: $36.2k - $104k

Information Security Analyst Salary Report: Job Description

An information security analyst analyzes the unique security needs and problems faced by an organization or individual. Then, they come up with technology and policy based solutions to those problems. They analyze reports, collect data, and communicate with users. They then take this information, combine it with their knowledge and skills, and come up with strategies to ensure that the organization’s data is safe. They often perform ongoing security monitoring to help to ensure that new vulnerabilities are dealt with quickly. A lot of them wotk for the  <!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}--> top rated resume writing services.

Many assume that information security revolves strictly around computer systems. In reality this is not true. Such analyst will also work with corporate security and employees from various business areas in an organization. Their advice will influence which individuals have access to which data and computer systems, rules relating to password security, and even how access to specific areas of the building are managed. These analysts also play a significant role in disaster recovery planning.

Information Security Analysts Salary Report: Daily Tasks And Common Duties

During the course of a day an analyst might perform a variety of duties. For example, they might meet with the head of HR to provide input on new company policy relating to use or personal devices to access company data. Then, they may review computer logs showing intentional and unintentional attempts from unauthorized people to access secured data. In addition to this, the analyst might meet with the head of Information Technology in order to plan an enterprise wide upgrade to the antivirus software and firewalls used to protect data from malicious intruders.

Other daily duties might include performing audits of various business areas, working with software vendors, overseeing software installations, and helping department heads write policies that prevent unintended security violations. This analyst will also document any incidents that can be defined as security violations, configure antivirus and other software, and use tools to determine whether or not any security problems are currently a concern. They will also work with operations and other computer room personnel to ensure that backup and storage procedures ensure data security.

Finally, such analyst must be constantly aware of new threats and vulnerabilities that are emerging in their industry. They frequently subscribe to industry related news feeds, and find other ways to stay up to date on new developments in IS.

Educational Requirements

This position nearly always requires a bachelor’s degree. This is often in Information Security or in Information Technology with an emphasis in security. Analysts often take courses in ethical hacking and forensic computing. However, in some cases an analyst might have a combination of technical training and on the job experience.  Certifications are available for IT security professionals as well.

Salary Range

The median salary is 70K. The average range begins at 50K and goes up to 100K. Career experience and an understanding of forensics are the two items that most influence salary. However, like virtually every other IT related career, geography is also a factor. In addition to this, consultants often make considerably more money than those who are employees.