Industrial Production ManagersIndustrial Production Managers salary statistic

Salary Range: $57k- $167k

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Salary Range: $57k - $167k

Industrial Production Managers Salary Report: Job Description

An industrial production manager works in a factory, plant, or light industrial setting. They work in a variety of industries including electronics, automotive manufacturing, fabricating, and consumer goods. They are charged with the task of ensuring that production goals are met. They are also responsible for quality assurance and control. As needed, they may add and modify production processes and procedures.

Industrial production managers are also in charge of employee training and evaluations. This includes helping workers increase their productivity. Plant safety is also an important part of the production managers duties.

In many cases, industrial production management professionals must have good mechanical aptitude and technical skills. This is because they are often the first to evaluate, troubleshoot, and attempt repairs when a piece of equipment needs maintenance. They will also work with third party contractors and vendors to ensure that all equipment is maintained regularly and replaced when needed. They may even help negotiate contracts with these entities as well.

Successful industrial production managers must have great interpersonal skills. They must be able to provide clear instructions. They must also be able to provide sufficient motivation and keep morale high. This results in production employees who are willing to work hard to meet quotas. In general, they must also know and be able to perform all of the duties on the factory floor. This enables them to step in and provide assistance anywhere it is needed. In some cases, they may  manage an entire shift of production workers. In a large organization, this might involve well over 100 employees.

Industrial Production Manager Salary Report: Educational Requirements

Most people in this field have a bachelor’s degree. The most common academic disciplines include industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, management, or other related fields. In addition to this, several years of experience are also required to become a manager in a manufacturing plant. In some cases, a combination of work experience, military experience or trade school may eliminate the need for a four year degree.

Salary Information

There is a pretty significant variance in salary rates for this position. The median salary is about 65K. The salary range starts at around 40K and goes up to about 120K. Many managers are able to pad their salaries with significant commissions and bonuses if they meet high productivity standards. In general, these are full time positions that include insurance benefits and retirement plans. More details can be found here -  <!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}-->

Job Outlook

Demand for this career is expected to continue to decline over the next four years. However, this can change depending on international trade agreements and other policy changes that can cause companies to keep or move manufacturing jobs stateside.