Human Resources Manager Human Resources Managers salary statistic

Salary Range: $36.3k- $156k

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Salary Range: $36.3k - $156k

Human Resources Manager Salary Report: Job Description

An HR manager has multiple responsibilities. These include writing and implementing policies, ensuring regulatory compliance in hiring and enforcing policies, supervising HR staff, overseeing recruitment and hiring, benefits administration, payroll, and a variety of other tasks. They must ensure that their organization is competitive when it comes to recruiting new employees and creating compensation and benefits packages. They are also tasked with ensuring  that the workplace is safe and that employees are able to do their jobs without being victimized by sexual harassment or forms of discrimination. They must also ensure that individuals with disabilities are provided with the reasonable accomodations required to do their jobs.

When allegations are made that an employee has been unfairly treated, or an employee’s performance is not up to standard, the human resources manager is tasked with investigating, documenting, and deciding which steps to take next.

One of the perks of this position is that the HR director is in a great position to help other employees meet their goals. They can do this by providing  helpful evaluations, and including growth opportunities as part of their employee benefits package. On the other hand, being tasked with terminating and laying off employees can make this a high stress position.

Human Resource Manager Salary Report: Educational Requirements

By the time someone advances to a management position in human resources, they nearly always have a Bachelor’s degree in human resource management or other related discipline. Most managers work there way up through other HR positions. These might include training coordinator, HR generalist, benefits and payroll administrator, or recruiter. In some organizations this is considered a C-level position, and an advanced degree is a must.

Other skills required for success are, organization, extremely well-developed interpersonal skills, and the ability to communicate effectively in writing and through other means. If the company has multiple locations, at least some travel will normally be required.

Human Resources Management Salary: Payscale Information

The median salary for a human resource manager is approximately 63K. The total range goes from around 43K to around 93K. Most HR directors are compensated as salaried employees. Most are eligible for health and other benefits. Few receive commissions or bonuses. However this is not completely unheard of. Because these are upper management positions, many managers have perks such as stock options, severance packages, and profit sharing.

HR Salary Report: Career Outlook

Career outlook depends on a variety of factors. One challenge is the fact that many of the duties of an HR director can be outsourced. This option may be appealing to smaller businesses who find it  untenable to maintain an internal HR department. On the other hand, many organizations see having a dedicated HR manager and staff as key to ensuring that company culture remains consistent. HR managers can also write for  <!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}--> cover letter writing services as they know exactly what a good resume should look like.