Human Resources GeneralistHuman Resources Generalists salary statistic

Salary Range: $30.6k- $85.8k

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Salary Range: $30.6k - $85.8k

Human Resources Salary Report: Generalist Job Description

A human resources worker who does not specialize in a specific area such as recruiting and hiring, benefits administration, or payroll is usually referred to as a generalist. They work under the HR director and perform a variety of tasks in support of the whole department. However, it is important to note that this is a skilled position, not a clerical one.

It is common for this to be a bit of a floating position. In a given day, the generalist might provide the human resource manager salary information to help them create job listings, review and explain company policy to a field supervisor, and verify that appropriate training materials have been delivered to a satellite branch.

The human resource generalist will work with people in all business areas of an organization. They can also expect to develop relationships with everybody ranging from entry level employees to executives. They can eventually move through the ranks to earn a human resource management salary. This job involves working under HR department supervisors in the areas of training, HR management, payroll administration, and employee relations. This requires the ability to understand and carry out detailed instructions.

On the other hand, the generalist will also provide guidance to administrative staff and trainees in the HR department. Because of this, the ability to supervise and manage is important as well. Generalists must have advanced written and verbal communications skills. They must be computer literate, and in some cases be able travel.

Human Resource Salary Report: Educational Requirements

A generalist nearly always has a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree. Courses of study usually include Human Resource Management, Organizational Psychology, Public Relations, Business Administration, Business Management, and other related disciplines. In addition to obtaining a degree, there are many certifications that generalists can obtain to help ensure career advancement. The career trajectory of a human resources worker can lead to positions such as director, department head, assist director, senior director, vice president, and other managerial and executive level positions.

Because laws and regulations associated with employee benefits, safety regulations, discrimination, compensation, and other related subjects are continually changing, HR workers should plan on continuing their educations throughout their careers.

Human Resources Generalist Salary Report: Salary Range

The median salary is 51K. The range begins at 39K and goes up to 68K. Education and experience along with the specific duties performed all have an impact on the earning power of an HR worker. It is possible in some cases for generalists to earn bonuses. The ability to earn commissions is limited to those who spend a majority of their time working in recruiting and hiring in industries where demand drives a generous commission structure.

The generalist must possess a variety of skills in order to earn the best salary possible. This includes recruiting, leave of absence administration, ensuring high levels of productivity, and payroll and benefits administration. You should include them all in your resume and the best cv writing service can help you with it.