General Operations ManagerOperations Managers salary statistic

Salary Range: $47.6k- $187k

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Salary Range: $47.6k - $187k

General Operations Manager

The general operations manager of any organization of any size is a key member of the executive team, working very closely with the CEO and CFO, as well as supervising the managers of all departments within the enterprise. To get hired as a general operations manager, you'll need a strong resume and probably an extra resume help won't hurt. As can be expected, then, a general operations manager salary will be among the highest in the organization.

Position Responsibilities

Every organization, public or private, has a strategic plan, long and short-term goals, and a plan for achieving those goals. As those plans are developed, responsibilities are divided among various departments. The Operations Manager participates in the division of those responsibilities, along with other executive of the enterprise. However, it is then his/her responsibility to see to it that all departments are performing their tasks as designated, so that organizational goals are met. This often means more hands-on activities than the CEO or CFO, as department managers must be supervised and evaluated, and problems within departments resolved.

The larger the organization, the larger the responsibility and the more complex the position becomes. One can expect, then, that the operations manager’s salary will vary widely with size of enterprise and, as well, whether the organization is public or private.

Educational Requirements

Most GO managers have at least a Bachelor’s degree in business/business administration, and many have MBA’s. With either degree, however, these individuals usually begin at lower levels within an organization and move up over the years. In the public sector, the job title may differ, and the position may require a doctorate degree. You can get all the information from a professional resume writer, because they are aknowledged of all the job details.

Operations Manager Salary Ranges

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, the median range operation manager salary is $95,500. But the range is quite wide. Some GO managers, in small and public enterprises earn as little as $34,800, while those in large private for-profit enterprises will earn upwards to $190,000. This is on the lower end of all executive salaries, for a position that requires many long hours and a great deal of problem-solving skills and activities. Still, individuals who have great talent in this area love what they do and make significant contributions to their organizations. Great leadership abilities are a must.

Employment Prospects

It is estimated that employment opportunities for GO managers will continue to grow at the same rate as other supervisory and management positions (about 11% over the course of the next 10 years). While technology will eliminate a number of other positions within organizations, the need to oversee the operations of even the most technologically sophisticated public and private enterprises will still be present. Salaries are also expect to rise at about the same rate of other executives.