Funeral Service ManagerFuneral Directors salary statistic

Salary Range: $26.9k- $82.3k

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Funeral Service Workers
Salary Range: $26.9k - $82.3k

Funeral Service Managers Salary Report: Job Description

Funeral directors work with the grieving friends, family members, and associates of the recently deceased to make all the burial arrangements. They may also work with people who are interested in pre planning their funeral, memorial, and burial arrangements.

Funeral service managers must possess a high capacity for empathy and professionalism. They often deal with people who are in the most intense phases of shock and grief. However, at the same time they  must balance this with an ability to help the grieved make practical decisions in order to move all the arrangements forward. This includes explaining the various options available to survivor, discussing payment and finance options, and providing other information.

This job requires good organizational skills along with the ability to work with others. Funeral directors must create and maintain good relationships with florists, area churches and synagogues, other religious and community organizations, monument companies, hospices, and various local government employees. A food director will be able to pick up the phone and receive information or needed services right away. Also, a funeral service specialist should be well aware of laws to process reports so they are often expected to have some legal background (though it's not required). If you are unsure of your ability to highlight this skills, try federal resume writing services.

A funeral service worker may officiate funerals or help the bereaved locate the appropriate person to offer these services. Some may also work as morticians while others strictly work on the sales and service side of the burial industry. Many entry level positions in this field involve a significant amount of commissioned sales.

In general, burial service directors keep typical office hours. However, they may be asked to work weekends and evenings, often on a rotating basis with other employees. This guarantees adequate staffing when viewing hours are scheduled after hours. Here are some of the practical duties of a funeral director:

  • Providing Bereaved Families With Options Fitting Their Financial Needs
  • Explaining The Details of Various Options Such as Burial And Cremation
  • Arranging Transportation of Deceased
  • Filing For Needed Permits
  • Selling Pre-Arranged Services
  • Recommending Hotels And Accommodations For Out of Town Mourners
  • Dealing With Press Inquiries
  • Ordering Headstones Caskets And Other Items

Funeral Directing And Service Management: Educational Requirements

There are several paths that people can take in order to become a funeral director. The first is to forego formal education and to work up through an entry level position at a funeral home. These entry level positions are often in sales. However, it is also possible to work as an clerk or other office worker at a funeral home or in a caretaking position. It is important to remember that this path can take some time. This and the fact that funeral homes tend to be family businesses that promote from within make this a less than desirable route for many people.

Because of this, many people choose to obtain a formal education in this field. People who are only interested in funeral directing may simply obtain a certificate from their local tech school or community college. All you need is a well-written resume for recent college graduate. Those who are interested in learning the trades of embalming, cremation, and other technical skills usually obtain an associates degree in mortuary science. This often includes an internship at a funeral home, cemetery, or morgue.

Funeral Manager Salary Range

The median salary range for a funeral director is just under 45K. The low range is about 30K and the high range is around 70K. Because there is a definite sales component to this job, commissions and bonuses play a big role in overall salary. Salary trajection is strongly associated with experience.