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Salary Range: $29.2k- $95.6k

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Salary Range: $29.2k - $95.6k


Fundraising is what every non-profit organization, even top resume writing services, must do to carry out its work. And to bring in the money that it needs, it has a staff of fundraisers who are responsible for reaching out to the public for donations. This reaching out involves different types of tasks, and fundraiser salary amounts will vary significantly depending on the role the fundraiser plays. Here is the common hierarchy of staff and their roles in a large charity.

  1. Director of Fundraising: This is the head honcho of the department. This person is responsible for over-seeing all fundraising campaigns and events. S/he supervises everyone in the department. Beyond that, however, this individual is the one responsible for developing relationships with large institutions, foundations, and private donors who typically give large sums to the charity. Fundraising salaries for directors of large charities or other non-profit organizations (e.g. educational institutions) typically are in the six-figure range. The overall range is $78,000 - $200,000.
  2. Fundraising Coordinator: These individuals may run an entire fundraising operation of a small non-profit or work under a Director of a larger organization. They plan and execute specific campaigns and events, may be in charge of regular outreach mailings, and, more recently, be responsible for social media presence and campaigns. A big part of their jobs will be related to events – dinners, raffles/lotteries, auctions, door-to-door collections, etc. A fundraising coordinator salary will typically begin in the mid-$30,000 range and may go as high as $80 - $90,000 in larger organizations.

Educational Requirements

Traditionally, fundraisers have had a Bachelor’s degree in marketing and/or media communications. More recently, however, some colleges and universities have begun specific departments of study in non-profit administration. An upper level position with a higher fundraising salary will often require a graduate degree.

As fundraising becomes far more digital in nature, those individuals who have content marketing and graphic design skills may be more valuable and will be able to earn a significantly larger non-profits fundraiser salary than those who do not have these skills. Most established non-profits have a strong social media presence, a website, and a blog. Individuals who are able to design and support these web-based functions will be in higher demand.

Employment Forecast

The forecast for fundraisers is good. Non-profits face stiff competition and they are always looking for talented individuals who can enhance their presence and bring in new donors. Growth in this sector is expected to be about average over the next 8-10 years and a typical charity fundraiser salary will grow at an average pace with the general economy.

Entry-level positions in this niche can involve long hours, especially during campaign events. Doing well and having the flexibility to work evenings and weekends is a must for anyone who wants to have a successful career in fundraising. A charity fundraiser salary will probably not equal the salaries that private industry provides for it PR professionals. However, those who see doing social good as an important part of their life’s work will find fulfillment in working for non-profits rather than for-profit enterprises.