Food Service ManagersFood Service Managers salary statistic

Salary Range: $27.7k- $132k

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Salary Range: $27.7k - $132k

Food Service Managers Salary Report: Job Description

A food service manager is an individual who works in a supervisory or managerial capacity with an organization or department that serves food. Although people with the title food service manager do work in restaurants, the work of such manager is largely associated with larger facilities. These include:

  • Institutions Such as Hospitals Nursing Homes And Prisons
  • Corporate Dining
  • School Food Service Operations
  • Large Catering Operations Banquet Service And Event Food Service
  • Amusement Parks Zoos And Other Large Entertainment Venues

In some instances such manager is responsible for supervising and managing all kitchen staff and activities. However, they are mostly given the duties of managing front of house operations.

These managers are given the tasks of working with vendors, scheduling and training kitchen workers, ensuring that standards of health, safety, and product quality are met, and occasionally performing front and back of house duties themselves.

Depending on the needs of the specific business they work for, a food service manager may need to work off site. This might include working outdoors and performing physical labor.

Food Service Manager Salary Report: Educational Requirements

The educational backgrounds of such managers depend on a variety of factors. Some community colleges and tech schools offer degree and certificate programs for people interested in going into this field. These generally focus on educating people on running large scale food service operations. In other cases, these managers have degrees in culinary arts or are registered dieticians or nutritionists. This is also a field where it is possible to work through the ranks in the kitchen or the dining floor without any formal education.

Food Service Management Salary Range

The median salary range for a food service manager is about 43K. However, this range goes as low as 29K and as high as 56K. Workers in New York City tend to fare best as far as salaries go as they make about 26% higher than the national average. Workers in Austin tend to earn about 3% less. These numbers do not, of course, consider cost of living discrepancies.

Factors such as geographic region, education, and specific niche all impact the potential salary of someone pursuing this career. Having experience in this field does not seem to impact salary significantly in any way. Those seeking better paying positions often seek promotions within their organization. For example, a food service manager in the hospitality industry might attempt to move into a higher management tier such as food and beverage management. Another working in a corporate environment might seek out a district level position.

As with all service industry positions, health insurance and other benefits tend to be kept to a minimum. However, because this is usually a full-time position, managers tend to fare a bit better than those who work alongside them.

Food service management jobs tend to be readily available. However, due to the physical nature of the job, relatively low pay, and the necessity of working frequent evening and shift work there tends to be lots of turnover in this field.