Emergency Management DirectorEmergency Management Directors salary statistic

Salary Range: $17.4k- $97.5k

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Salary Range: $17.4k - $97.5k

Emergency Management Director's Salary Report: Job Description

Government agencies, businesses, hospitals and medical facilities, and schools all have the need to either remain open during emergencies or to become operational as soon as possible after an emergency. In addition to this, many must be able to serve people who have significant needs arise because of the disaster that has occurred. An emergency management director or business continuity manager is responsible for ensuring that these operation s go smoothly.

An emergency management director must ensure that both human resources and technology are available as needed during and after an emergency. They must also ensure that proper disaster management planning and training has been has been executed in preparation for any emergency that could be upcoming.

Any business or agency that provides essential services to the community must have staff on hand to ensure that things remain operational in the event of an emergency. These include:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Fire Departments
  • Red Cross And Other Disaster Relief Charities
  • Banks Credit Unions And Other Financial Institutions
  • Hospitals And Medical Centers
  • Pharmacies
  • Blood Banks
  • Airports
  • Shipping Centers

While they may not have the life and death sense of urgency that the institutions listed above have, most businesses also need to be prepared in case of an emergency. After all, being offline because of a disaster means significant loss of income. Here are some of the duties of an emergency management director:

  • Ensuring the safe storage and backup of data
  • Creating and implementing a disaster plan
  • Testing disaster plans
  • Working with disaster recovery and security contractors
  • Understanding and complying with government regulations
  • Coordinating with various government agencies
  • Managing press inquiries
  • Ensuring that staff is adequately trained
  • Maintaining adequate documentation

Some emergency managers are in charge of ensuring that communities are safe in the event of a disaster. They may work with local governments or as part of state or federal agencies. The Federal Emergency Management Agency is called upon when a disaster requires intervention from the federal government. At the state level, it is frequently the armed forces reserves or National Guard.

In the corporate world and in the healthcare sector, the job of disaster management can be a full time job, however in some cases it is a role that is part of a person’s job description. For example, the IT security officer frequently functions as a disaster management employee as well. As a rule, an emergency manager career allows early retirement that contributes to popularization of veterans resume writing services.

Emergency Management Directors Salary Report: Educational Requirements

This is a job that requires experience and a college degree. However, the exact degree and experience depends on the scope of the position. If the position is largely focused on ensuring that computer systems are available and that data is not lost or corrupted, most managers will have a degree in information technology, information security, computer science, or similar field.

If the position requires ensuring that emergency and medical services are available or that government agencies are up and running, the relevant degrees might include: public health, nursing, public administration, social services, business administration, or emergency medical services. In some cases, people in these roles obtain special training and certifications above and beyond their college education. You can get help with the right resume completing from a resume design service if you need.

Salary Range

The salary range starts at 49K and goes up to 130K. The disparity is due to many factors. One is that disaster recovery management could be the job title of an enlisted person in the military who might make less than 50K or a disaster recovery contractor earning well over six figures from contracts with various corporations. Most people in this field do receive health insurance and other benefits.