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Salary Range: $39.1k- $129k

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Salary Range: $39.1k - $129k

Education Administrator

Education administrators frequently carry job titles such as principal, dean, director, or headmaster/headmistress. Many begin their careers as assistants to more experienced administrators. They work in daycare centers, preschools, and primary and secondary schools.

Education Administrator Salary: Primary And Secondary

Education administration salary ranges vary according to experience, geography, and the type of institution the administrator works. For elementary and secondary school administrators, pay averages just under 70K annually. With a total range between 40K and 105K. Property taxes revenues in public school districts can impact salaries for employees. Most administrators receive medical and other benefits that are fairly well funded.

Private school salaries tend to range lower. The average salary is around 57K. However, this can vary widely. For example, the administrator of a small church school or homeschooling coop may make less than 30K. On the other hand, the head of a prestigious prep school could make over six figures. This data is not as widely available as public school salaries which can be viewed by the public. However in general, higher education administration salary rates are generally associated with school populations that are more affluent.

Elementary And Secondary School Duties

School administrators are in charge of writing and administering school policy, disciplinary issues, and budget. They can get help with these writing tasks from <!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}--> resume writing services. In many cases they coordinate student schedules and ensure that records are properly maintained. They are also given the task of ensuring that laws regarding disability accommodations are followed. Building administrators also work with facilities and maintenance staff, vendors, and food service workers. They are often required to be present at extracurricular activities, and to represent their school in the community. They must coordinate their efforts with other administrators and report to the superintendent and board of education. Administrators are required to have graduate degrees in relevant fields and attain certification.

Educational Administration Salary: Preschool And Daycare

The median salary for a preschool or childcare admin is around 45K. This varies widely though. The range goes from around 28K to 86K.  Their education requirements vary, with some having advanced degrees while others have certificates or associate's degrees. Requirements for after care programs, church based pre-schools, and daycare chains are not as stringent as directors who work in schools that specialize in helping disabled or gifted children. Special Education Administration Salary ranges tend to be higher as the job requirements require extensive knowledge and education. Many do not receive benefits through their employers.

Preschool And Daycare Duties

These admins provide support and direction to teachers. They also communicate with parents. Budgeting and allocating funds also falls under the director’s areas of responsibility. They are also responsible for ensuring that support staff such as cafeteria works and maintenance teams successfully perform their duties.


Salary ranges vary widely depending on a variety of factors. Higher education adminstration salaries usually go to people who have advanced degrees, work in public and private elementary and secondary schools, and serve relatively wealthy clients.