Database AdministratorDatabase Administrators salary statistic

Salary Range: $48k- $128k

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Salary Range: $48k - $128k

Database Administrator Salary Report: Job Description

Companies of all kinds rely on data in order to conduct all aspects of their business. Data must be securely stored, accessible when needed, maintainable, protected from corruption, and normalized. The database administrator is the person who is responsible for ensuring that this happens. They are often responsible for database design, creation of SQL queries, building views and logical files, maintaining file and field naming standards, and ensuring that internally created files maintain the desired level of normalcy.

There are many types of databases, and in most cases DBAs will work with just one or two databases. For example someone earning an oracle database administrator salary will work only with an Oracle database. On the other hand, an SQL database administrator salary requires knowledge of only that database. Other technologies worked with might include Adabase or RDBMS.

A DBA will have contact with people from various business areas. They are often tasked with listening to and developing an understanding of the needs of people in various business areas. Then, modifying databases in order to meet those needs.

Because big data is so important these days, a DBA isn’t just responsible for maintaining company databases so that they have operational integrity. They must also ensure that data is stored in a way that it can be used for analytical purposes as well. As part of this duty, database administration salary is earned by the ability to work with data warehouse staff.

Database admins frequently work with IT staff. They must communicate specific requirements with regard to data storage, protection, and access. The DBA must understand industry regulations that impact how and where data can be stored. This includes disaster recovery planning, use of the cloud, and backup planning.

In a large organization a junior or entry level administrator salary will be earned during the first two to four years. After that, it is expected that an employee will qualify for a senior database administrator salary.

Database Administrators Salary Report: Daily Tasks

Daily tasks can vary. The DBA might create or modify user access to various files and databases. They might create files and views based upon business needs and user requests. They are also responsible with ensuring various computer systems and the data stored, maintained, and created by those systems are compatible with one another. They may spend a portion of their days reviewing reports relating to file access, disk usage, data corruption, and other issues. They also participate in disaster recover planning.

Educational Requirements

DBAs frequently have bachelor’s or associate’s degrees in computer fields. These might include database administration, information technology, or computer science. However, they may not begin specializing in a particular database until they have gained experience in working with that particular piece of technology. For example, a helpdesk technician may begin their career with a company using RDBMS. As they gain experience with that database, they may eventually become its administrator at the organization. The creators of various systems often provide education, training, and certification for those who wish to become administrators. To increase your chances to get a job interview you can ask for help from a cv editing service that will organize the info on your education.

Salary Range

The median DBA salary is 70K. The total range is from 43K to 100K. The amount of experience makes a difference. However, the specific database technology that the database admin has chosen to focus on has the most influence over salary. DBAs almost always receive health and other benefits.