Cost EstimatorCost Estimators salary statistic

Salary Range: $32.2k- $80.2k

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Salary Range: $32.2k - $80.2k

Cost Estimator Salary Report: Job Description

Any company that makes things must be able predict costs effectively. This is true for construction companies, home goods manufacturers, even interior design firms. In order to budget properly for projects they must have a very good idea of the amount of money they will spend on purchasing materials, production costs, labor, obtaining licenses and permits, along with various other considerations.

The person who is responsible for gathering all of this information, doing the relevant calculations, and reporting back to the organization is a cost estimator. In the building and remodeling trades, they may also be known as a construction estimator.

This job can involve looking over blueprints and manufacturing specs, speaking with suppliers and manufacturers, determining various fees, and determining the amount of human resources required to complete a project. In the construction and remodeling fields, a cost estimator might be required to go to job sites and customer’s homes and places of businesses to personally measure and assess the work that needs to be done. A talented cost estimator will look for ways in which they can reduce costs without sacrificing quality. They must also ensure that any materials considered and resources used in their estimation do not result in a lack of compliance with safety or other regulations.

While virtually any industry can employ cost estimators, the majority of people in this field work in manufacturing or construction. In many instances this is a position that requires professionals to work in both office and field settings. Travel is frequently required. In some cases, this is limited to traveling to job sites and visiting local suppliers. Cost estimators working in international manufacturing and processing may be required to travel abroad to visit manufacturing facilities and meet with distributors of raw materials. Computer and organizational skills are a must. Construction cost estimators may be required to perform physical tasks such as climbing up and down ladders and using small tools.

Cost Estimator Salary Report: Educational Requirements

While it is possible to enter this field by obtaining on the job experience, in most cases cost estimators do have a college degree. The specific degree can vary and might include a Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree in:

  • Construction Technology
  • Manufacturing Technology
  • Civil or Construction Engineering Technology
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Accounting

Those who work their way into positions as cost estimators often begin in the construction trades, as laborers in manufacturing firms, or in the back offices at construction and manufacturing companies. This can be the ideal job for a retired or semi-retired individual who is no longer able to perform the physically challenging tasks of working in construction or manufacturing. A construction cost estimator salary can depend on experience, level of education, and sales.

Salary Range

The median salary is almost 52K. The low range begins at 37K and goes up to 83K. Geography, industry, and years of experience all have an impact on the salary earned by a cost estimator. The total salary earned can include salary, commission, profit sharing, and bonuses. This is generally a full time position with health and other benefits. If you need help with resume, you can ask for it from a professional writing service and get better chances to get a job.