Construction ManagerConstruction Managers salary statistic

Salary Range: $51.4k- $155k

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Salary Range: $51.4k - $155k

Construction Manager Job Description

A construction manager is a ‘boots on the ground’ employee who oversees all of the operations on a particular job site. They are the go to person for contractors and subcontractors, inspectors, employees, and architects and engineers. This specialist often performs the duties that an owner of a construction company might, but they are usually employees rather than entrepreneurs.Also people from other professions change to this position, e.g. send military resume to the HR department.

They must be able to work well with people, especially in stressful situation. They may deal with homeowners who are concerned with their property or business owners who are concerned with profitability. If they work on road or other public construction projects they may have to navigate the media, politicians, and other factors. This is a challenging position that requires knowledge of the construction industry, awareness of regulations, and the ability to deal with tense situations with diplomacy. They must also be able to work outside in a variety of weather conditions. Since they often double as QA inspectors and punch out workers, the ability to use tools and execute minor repairs is also important.

Educational Requirements For a Construction Manager

Here, things really vary. A construction manager might have a two or four year degree in construction management, architecture, maintenance, or even civil or structural engineering. They may also be taught through their experiences in family businesses or by work experience. In fact, field experience is a very important factor.

Construction Management Salary Information

The median construction manager salary is about 75K. The low to high range goes from 47 to 115K. This salary range might reflect the difference between a construction manager at a small home remodeling contractor, and the construction project manager salary that is earned by someone with a college degree commercial construction experience. Ultimately, construction management salaries can also vary according to geography and cost of living. Project manager construction salary rates tend to be among the highest in this field.

Skill Requirements for A Construction Manager

A construction manager must have to have a variety of skills. Sales and customer service are certainly two of these skills. Ultimately, they might have a background as a tradesperson, contractor, engineer, or someone else who has experience or training in various areas of construction.

The construction manager must possess a variety of hard and soft skills. They will work with subcontractors, architects, government officials, customers, and union representatives. Their duties include project management, reviewing contracts, understanding building codes and regulations, and they must have the education and work experience required to perform these duties successfully. Construction management degree salary ranges will vary depending upon the specific amounts of work experience and the exact college degree that is held.