Computer Systems AnalystComputer Systems Analysts salary statistic

Salary Range: $59.9k- $148k

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Salary Range: $59.9k - $148k

Computer Systems Analyst Salary Report: Job Description

A computer systems analyst helps organizations to automate business functions by employing computer systems and various technologies. They accomplish this by developing an understanding of the procedures, processes, and policies involved in performing a task and set of tasks, then determining the best course to take in order to automate that task.

For example, a systems analyst might meet with the head of a distribution center to discuss their current manual, order entry procedure. They will observe staff taking orders, determine which information they are gathering in order to take orders and fill out order forms, and then monitor how those order forms are used when staff begins selecting merchandise and preparing items for shipment.

Once they have gathered the required information, the systems analyst will decide which technologies should be employed to automate the process. Then, they will begin the process of writing out the specifications for the new computer system. During this process they may work with database administrators to ensure that any new files created meet organizational standards.

In addition to automating manual processes, the systems analyst also works to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of existing computer systems. This might include creating designs to add enhancements to existing computer systems or to address bugs or performance issues.

The SA frequently works with users and staff from various business areas within an organization. They must be able to effectively gather requirements and develop an understanding of the needs of each team. Many systems analysts have backgrounds in computer programming or software development. This helps them to translate user requirements into programming specifications that will be used by programmers or developers. In addition to planning and designing new computer systems, it is common for the analyst to participate in the development and testing phases as well.

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Computer System Analyst Salary Report: Common Duties And Daily Tasks

During the course of a day, the SA may work on a variety of tasks. They might meet with programmers to go over specifications, and observe manufacturing processes. In addition to this, they may speak with project managers about the progress of an ongoing project. In some cases, the systems analyst may even do some programming or development on their own.

Educational Requirements

Systems Analysts nearly always have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. In some cases, they have master’s degree. Common courses of study include software development, computer science, information technology, or software engineering. While the position of analyst is a technically high level position, most have low level technical experience. However, in some cases a systems analyst moves into their career path from other business organizations. For example, a sales manager might become a business analyst or liaison between the sales team and information technology department. This could then lead to an SA position with the right education and training. People who have previously work in a different sphere can also pply for this job. For example, there are military resume writing services that offer help with career change resumes.

Salary Range

The median salary for an SA is 67K. The average range is from 43K to 91K. During the first ten years of an analyst's career, experience stands out as a significant factor in earning potential. However, technical skills are more important overall. Analysts with knowledge of .NET and Microsoft SQL Server technology have the highest earning potential overall. Systems analysts nearly always have medical and other insurance benefits.