Computer Support SpecialistComputer Support Specialists salary statistic

Salary Range: $31.9k- $80.3k

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Salary Range: $31.9k - $80.3k

Computer Support Specialist Salary Report: Job Description

A computer support specialist, sometimes known as a help desk technician, assists end users with computer related problems that they are having. These might include issues with PCs or tablets, printer problems, internet access issues, software installation or use, access control issues, or hardware errors. In addition to this, they might also provide very basic education and information on how to use software and applications, and basic computer usage. Help Desk support specialists are also often responsible for low level diagnostics, and deciding when an issue needs to be escalated. Helpdesk workers are employed by various organizations, IT consulting firms, or can work on their own.

IT Computer Support Specialist Salary Report: Duties

During the course of a work day, the support technician performs a variety of tasks. They will receive requests over the phone, via email, or through help desk tickets created using computer help desk support software. They are expected to be able to prioritize these requests, and to know how and when to escalate them as needed.

The help desk support person must understand company policy regarding issues such as authorized software, bring your own device policies, networks and access, and internet usage. They must then be able to communicate these to end users who may be knowingly or unknowingly attempting to violate them.

In some cases, providing appropriate support might include using teleconferencing or other technologies to involve other staff when communicating with end users. An end user support person may also frequently use software such as WebEx to access user’s devices to perform analytics or to try to recreate error conditions.

Finally, the computer support specialist is frequently responsible for upgrading and maintaining computers and servers. These duties include running virus scans, installing security patches, ghosting computers for hardware upgrades, and installing various apps or software that individuals use to do their jobs. They may even be asked to create and maintain user profiles.

Help desk support is frequently the first job someone obtains when they enter the IT sector. As they gain experience and education, many move into other positions. This might include network technology and administration, PC repair, information security, or supervisory positions over other help desk workers.

Computer Support Specialists Salary Report: Educational Requirements

Educational requirements vary. They largely depend on the duties that will be performed. In some cases, the individual simply has a high school diploma. However, many organizations require an associate’s degree, technical certification, or equivalent experience. Support techs who wish to continue in their field often obtain an A+ certification, and then look into furthering their education as it is appropriate for their chosen career trajectory.

Salary Range

The median salary is 42K. The total range is from 30K to 62K. This of course assumes full time employment. There are many support experts who work on a part time basis. This is a career that even allows for telecommuting. Those employed full time frequently receive health insurance and other benefits.