Computer Network ArchitectsComputer Network Architects salary statistic

Salary Range: $57.3k- $160k

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Salary Range: $57.3k - $160k

Computer Network Architects Salary Report: Job Description

A network architect designs an organization’s computer networks and plans for future changes and upgrades.  They work with network technicians, engineers, IT Security Staff, and other personnel to ensure that networks will operate as efficiently as possible. They help to create and plan network schematics and other documents. Their calculations must be accurate in order to avoid issues with performance, compatibility, or speed. They often work under a network administrator or IT department supervisor. This is largely a male dominated field with less than 5% of total employees identifying as women. Most employees report high levels of job satisfaction.

Architect And Computer Network Support Specialists Salary Report: Duties

On a daily basis network architects apply their knowledge of networking protocols, company policies, information security, servers, and personal computing devices. They frequently interact with end users, vendors, networking team members, and other IT staff. They also use a variety of tools. This might include tools relating to cabling, toner testers, networking and security software, CAD software, and various hand tools.

In some organizations the network architect is a multi-faceted position. This means that in addition to helping to design and upgrade and organizations computer networks, the individual will provide help desk support or maintain equipment.

The architect must have excellent verbal and written communications skills. This includes the ability to explain technical concepts in terms that lay people will understand. They must also have good memories as well as organizational skills. In addition to the networking technology skills they must gain, they should also be proficient in various apps and utilities. These include those related to designing and maintaining networks, but also Microsoft office, evernote, and other technologies.

Network Architect Salary Report: Educational Requirements

While some Network Architect’s have bachelor’s degrees in subjects such as Computer Science or Information Technology, experience and possession of specific certifications are often considered to be more valuable. One of example is the CompTIA Network+ certification. Others include the Microsoft MCSE certification or the Cisco CCNA certification. These certifications can be earned through self study, community college courses, or online classes. In some cases, an organization will bring in trainers to help employees gain the certifications they need. While certification can be pricy, most professionals find that it is well worth the investment. Certification testing is conducted through private testing centers.

Network Architect Salary Range

The median salary for this position is 112K. However the entire range for this career is quite broad. It can start around 72K and go all the way up to 150K. Years of experience, types of certifications, projects completed, and degrees are major factors in determining how much a network architect makes. However, it is geography that appears to have the largest factor. Network architects living on the East Coast and working in areas such as Boston or New York earn significantly higher salaries than those working in other areas of the country. Income levels are also slightly elevated on the West Coast. The majority of network engineers and architects receive health insurance and other benefits.

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