Computer Hardware EngineerComputer Hardware Engineers salary statistic

Salary Range: $63.6k- $161k

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Salary Range: $63.6k - $161k


Computer hardware engineers are in high demand due to their skills associated with the development, design, and manufacturing of computer hardware. They are experts at finding ways to make them faster, more intelligent, and how they can be more efficient. Computer hardware engineers analyze develop and design computer software and hardware.

Those that choose this career must be ready to continue to learn new concepts and developments that are released from month to month. Many times, they have to be able to integrate their new developments with those of other developers. Sometimes there are new technologies to take into consideration from day to day in this field.

The candidate for a prime position would have minors in electrical engineering and computer science because these disciplines tend to overlap. The career is responsible for the development of:

  • Computer systems and components
  • Designing microprocessors
  • Building circuit boards
  • Designing routers

When thinking of the embedded devices associated with computers, think of the computer hardware engineer. This is a career that is moving upward constantly and extremely lucrative. The work spans across many businesses, so it's worth checking a resume preparation service since a carefully written resume is among the strongest tools to help you land this job. There are few businesses that do not have a computer hardware engineering staff on site or a number close by to call one in case of an emergency.

They build networks for transferring data and keeping the world connected. Similar jobs that are associated with Computer hardware engineering are:

  1. Programmer
  2. Software developer
  3. Mathematician
  4. Aerospace Engineer
  5. Computer and Information systems Professor
  6. Information Security Analysts
  7. Mechanical Engineers
  8. Electrical and Electronics Engineers

The work environment is centered in research labs in high-tech settings within manufacturing firms. Some computer hardware engineers are government workers, and there are those that prefer the private sector, but over 90% can be found in larger cities.


The computer hardware engineers’ focus is computer technology. They supervise installation projects as well as production, their duties are like an electrical engineer but the hardware such as, modems, printers, computer systems, chips and keyboards is their main concern on project development.

They will be busy with the following duties:

  1. Developing models of hardware designs
  2. Responsible for the testing phases and analyzing the results
  3. Upgrade software and hardware to meet compatibility as new technology is developed
  4. Oversee the manufacturing of the new products
  5. Maximize teamwork to make sure all components work from first stage to last.
  6. Meet with companies to ensure their hardware is compatible with upgraded software and vice versa.

This field can always find work and oftentimes can have a full time job and still freelance their work out.


The minimum education requirement for a computer hardware engineer is a bachelor’s degree, but a degree in electrical engineering will also be acceptable. Make sure that you take computer science courses as minors when choosing an electrical engineering major.

Some companies prefer their computer hardware engineers to have a master’s degree, and some computer hardware engineers are known to add on an MBA (Master of Business Administration) to their portfolio. This is due to having to deal with big businesses and the need to know business ethics, city, and state regulations, and some are known to start their own companies.

Because the career deals with teams, taking electives in public speaking and communication are suggested.

Education in this field is ongoing. Be prepared to update your knowledge regularly to keep up with this fast-paced growing career.

Students studying for this career are encouraged to intern with companies to get on-the-job training while still in school.


Computer hardware engineer’s median salary as of this report was more than $95,000 a year, with the federal government paying the highest for their services. Manufacturing came in second for highest salary paid for computer hardware engineers salary.

The salary for a computer hardware engineer is just about finding the right company to work for. The pay is good across the board but the bigger the company and the more you know the better your chances of getting top paying positions.