Compliance OfficerCompliance Officers salary statistic

Salary Range: $36.7k- $134k

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Salary Range: $36.7k - $134k

Compliance Officer Salary Report: Job Description

In addition to being responsible for complying with the same civil and criminal statutes that apply to all companies, some businesses are also obligated to adhere to additional laws and regulations. The person in charge of ensuring that those statutes, regulations, and laws are followed on a day to day basis is the compliance officer.

The laws and regulations in question might fall under the areas of health and safety regulations, international trade law, environmental regulations, labor laws, industry established regulations, etc. Businesses involved in banking and finance, international manufacturing, overseas trade, medical and healthcare, and government contracting are most likely to have to contend with complex statutes and regulations.

The day to day tasks it takes to earn a chief compliance officer salary or to work in another position in this field can vary. For example somebody who is working and earning a healthcare compliance officer salary will largely work within the confines of an office, medical center, or a hospital. On the other hand, someone earning a senior compliance officer salary at a civil engineering firm can expect to spend a significant amount of time on job sites.

Of course, the required knowledgebase can vary as well. A bank compliance officer salary is earned by understanding federal, state, local, and possibly international financial regulations. Such specialsit at a large manufacturing company might be charged with insuring that they are meeting a variety of safety requirements as well as being ISO compliant. They are also responsible for insuring that all staff members complete any training and earn any certifications required in order to remain in compliance with laws and regulations.

This is a full time job with varying duties. People pursuing this career need to be organized and detail oriented. They should also be able effectively communicate requirements to other staff members as well as provide education on the applicable regulations. They must also have good written communications skill as compliance officer salaries are often dependent upon the ability to write policies related to compliance. Computer skills, especially the ability to update and maintain databases and keep spreadsheets are also extremely vital. This is a field where there are decided benefits to being bilingual or multilingual. This is especially true in industries involving international trade and manufacturing.

Corporate Compliance Officer Salary Report: Educational Requirements

The majority of compliance officers have obtained a bachelor’s degree. In addition to this, they may also have to meet certification and continuing education requirements. This might include obtaining OSHA or other certifications. The specific degrees earned by them might include accounting, quantitative analysis, finance, engineering, economics, or fields related to healthcare and healthcare administration.

Individuals who wish to advance into management positions or to obtain C-level employments such as Chief Compliance Officer often have to obtain a master’s degree in a field that is relevant to their industry.

Compliance Officer Salary Range

The median salary for a compliance officer is just under 65K per year. The total range begins at 40K and goes up to 110K. Geography and years of experience both impact salary levels. The skill that is most valuable is an understanding of legal compliance. This is a full time position, and the vast majority of people in this field receive health insurance and other benefits. Compliance is a growing field, so job prospects are good for people interested in becoming compliance officers. To get more chances to apply for this job you can ask for help from a  <!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}--> professional resume writing service.