CartographerCartographers salary statistic

Salary Range: $29.1k- $87.7k

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Salary Range: $29.1k - $87.7k

Cartographer's Job Description

Whilst the traditional job description of a cartographer is a mapmaker is still the reality, there are significant changes in routinely aspect of the job has added a new skill with the continuous rise of technology, primarily the Global Positioning System or most commonly known as GPS.  Employers need the services of cartographers for various reasons. For example, their services are needed in companies and business that deals with logistics and requires contemporary and the latest geospatial graphical representation in field work that deals with air, water, and surface operations.

A career in cartography requires patience in creating maps, which is the primary job description, as well as modernizing this skill in terms of creating and collecting optimum routes and terrains information. Apart from that, it is also expected from them to execute excellent graphic representations and formulating constant updates in every map they create that will benefit their company as well as their employees. Moreover, this sufficient benefit will highly affect the logistics of their company.

Cartographers are also involved with working with highly technological equipment that produces satellite imagery. Furthermore, they use these imageries or images, that can possibly capture a broaden landscape, sea, ground, and air feature that translates to graphics as well as route maps, where professionals can benefit from. Aside from that, cartographers also verifies the constant changes in geographic patterns by continuously updating every information they gather using graphic terrain and map presentations they make.


  • One of the duties of a cartographer is to document, study, and collect geospatial data, historical maps, text documentation, and photographs.
  • One of the duties of a cartographer is to determine the quality standards as well as annotations to specify the data quality used in creating maps.
  • A cartographer is tasked to maintain and build a geographical information database.
  • A cartographer is tasked to update, maintain, and create graphic representation of cartographic data.
  • A cartographer is also tasked to make representation of a specific terrain or area by inserting gathered data on a quantified scale.


Candidates of the said job will usually require a bachelor’s degree in geography with skill in GPS that involves the actual translation of data and analysis to a chart or map. Essentially, a cartographer starts at a junior level or entry level, where he or she will serve as an assistant to a senior cartographer or a journeyman. This, to say, will last for a period of time depending on experience and level of knowledge. An entry level position usually lasts within a year or at least the most five years before getting to a senior position.

Experience is vital for them and working as an assistant to a senior will help newly graduates gain enough exposure and experience to get a senior position. Moreover, travel, field work, and on set activities will be required to cartographers.


The national average of a cartographer’s salary is averaging around 45,000 annually. While at entry level, the said job does not pay as high as other creative field work, experienced cartographers will jump to a career salary of 4 percent. While, this job may sound exciting, the career high of highly experienced cartographers can reach at least 14 percent race which averages up to 60,000 or more, depending of the skill level and job experience.

However, not all companies require a number of relevant experiences to work as a cartographer. Hence, experience does not necessarily mean or equate to higher salary.  Other profession slightly or generally related to cartographers are urban planners (averaging $50,000 annual salary), landscape designers (averaging $45,000 annual salary), Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) manager (averaging $52,000 annual salary), civil engineers (averaging $60,000 annual salary for entry level), and archeologists (averaging at least $45,000 annual salary).

Lastly, cartographers also cover health as well as dental benefits.