Buyers And Purchasing AgentsBuyers and Purchasing Agents salary statistic

Salary Range: $29.8k- $90.8k

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Buyers and Purchasing Agents, Farm Products
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Salary Range: $29.8k - $90.8k

Buyers And Purchasing Agents Salary Report: Job Description

Buyers and purchasing agents are in charge of buying products, commodities, and goods that are required to operate a business. This might include purchasing farm equipment, buying raw materials for manufacturing, or buying inventory for retail establishments.

The purchasing agent salary is earned by ensuring that all products required to keep a business operational are on hand when they are needed. In addition to this, a buyer must ensure that the company they work for is paying a fair price for their purchases. This requires that they frequently comparison shop, negotiate prices, and carefully weigh their options before contracting with vendors and suppliers.

Purchasing agents frequently attend auctions, product demonstrations, trade shows, and other events where they can connect with vendors, wholesalers, and suppliers. In addition to making purchases, buyers must ensure that necessary items arrive in a timely manner.

When it is needed, buyers must also perform quality control inspections, and work with contractors to ensure that things are taken care of when something goes wrong.

Purchasing agents frequently travel to suppliers in order to view items in person, listen to sales pitches, and ensure that product quantity and quality is on point. Depending on the specific industry they are in, both the clientele of a buyer and the vendors they deal with can vary. A purchasing agent can work anywhere from the agricultural sector to heavy industrial to the pharmaceutical industry.

This is nearly always a full time position. People working in this field must be very organized, have great people skills, and have high levels of computer literacy. Work environments can vary greatly. This can include requirements to work outside or in other physically strenuous conditions.

Most purchasing agents work in manufacturing. Other jobs are in retail, agriculture, trade, and with the government. Buyers must be able to successfully predict future needs of their organization. Travel is frequently required. Purchasing agents frequently interact with both sales, logistics, and manufacturing teams. They may also deal with outside shipping and courier vendors such as UPS or DXL.

Purchasing Agents And Buyers Salary Report: Educational Requirements

The average salary for a purchasing agent depends on years of experience and level of education. While this is a job that one can obtain strictly by working their way up through the ranks in a company, most people in this field have a degree in a business or technical field. Typical areas of study include, Business, Finance, Logistics, or Supply Chain Management. Some colleges and technical schools offer degrees and certificates specifically in purchasing and buying. The salary for a purchasing agent is usually impacted by years of experience more so than a degree. You can get more information if order a  <!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}--> resume writng for professionals.

Buyers working in the corporate sector or for the government are more likely to require a degree. Those working in the agricultural or manufacturing sector are less likely to require a degree.

Buyer And Purchasing Agent Salary Range

Buyers and purchasing agents salary is at a median level of just under 60K per year. However, career growth in this field is slower than average making it somewhat risky to enter. This job nearly always includes health insurance and other benefits.