Business Operations SpecialistsBusiness Operations Specialists salary statistic

Salary Range: $24k- $87.9k

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Salary Range: $24k - $87.9k

Salary Report: Business Operations Specialists Job Description

A business operations specialist is someone who works to ensure that the daily operations of a business run as smoothly as possible. Their work can involve dealing with manufacturing, logistics, regulatory compliance, quotas, safety, security, and a variety of other disciplines. The operations specialist frequently works under the Chief Operations Officer.

This is a position that often requires working with and leading the coordination of efforts among multiple business areas. For example, the business operations specialist may be forced to meet with people from the finance department, information technology, shipping center, and the marketing department in order to brainstorm various issues. On any given day, the operations specialist may deal with:

  • Shipping and receiving issues
  • Production line failures
  • Audits
  • Missed Deadlines
  • Customer Service Issues
  • Equipment Failures
  • Cash Flow Issues
  • Supply Chain Problems
  • Contracts and Legal Obligations
  • Purchasing
  • Training And Development

Essentially, if it impacts any mission critical element of a business, an operations specialist will likely be on the job.

This is a job that requires great organizational skills, the ability to communicate well verbally or in writing. Ops specialists must be excellent negotiators and be extraordinarily diplomatic. They must understand company policies and procedures, and any government regulations that are applicable in any given situation.

In many cases, this position is one of leadership and coordination. It is therefore crucial to highlight your ability to handle stress and come up with a decision within seconds in your cv, so getting a professional resume help is well justified. Those earning an operations specialist salary ensure that various team members working to solve operational issues remain on the same page and that whatever issue at hand is solved effectively.

It is important to remember that business operations specialist is a bit of a blanket term. More commonly used job titles include:

  • Production manager or associate
  • Logistics specialist
  • Productivity Manager
  • Quality Control Specialist
  • Supply Chain Manager

In many work environments, all people in supervisory or managerial roles are considered to have the responsibilities of a business operation specialist. This job may require overtime, being on call, working outdoors, and possibly some physical labor. It also requires the ability to work with people from a variety of levels within a company from shop floor workers to C-level executives.

Business Operation Specialists Salary Report: Educational Requirements

These vary widely. In one organization a specialist may be someone who has worked their way up through the warehouse, production floor, office management, or IT. In these cases, they may not have a degree, or there degree will be relevant to their field. However, business and business management type degrees are fairly common. More women than men are in this field. Most move on to other positions in order to move their careers forward.

Salary Range

The median salary for business operations specialists is 52K. The total range goes from 35 to 86K. Pay disparity is due to differences from one organization to then next, as well as differences between the specific requirements of the job. Tracking exact salary requirements for this job is  a bit difficult as well because it’s not a very common job title. This is generally a full time position. Health benefits and other perks are considered to be the norm. There is relatively high job satisfaction.

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