Biomedical EngineerBiomedical Engineers salary statistic

Salary Range: $53k- $134k

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Salary Range: $53k - $134k

Biomedical engineers are part of a fairly new field of study that combines the principles of medical studies, biological sciences, and engineering principles. The skills learned in this area of study are used to design, create, and test computer systems, equipment, gadgets, and software that are used in health settings.

Biomedical engineers are usually found in the manufacturing industries, but they also work in universities where they work on research and development of new principles and designs. They may also work in hospitals and educational settings. Because of their full time work, the salary for a biomedical engineer can be really high – even the starting salary for biomedical engineers.

Biomedical engineers are skilled at analyzing the needs of consumers and patients so they can design appropriate and life-saving devices for clinical settings. They must also learn how to lead as they will be disseminating information and teaching other about their designs and knowledge base. They must also be innovative and integrative when it comes to changes in the industry.

Common Duties and Daily Tasks

Biomedical engineers design devices and equipment like artificial body parts and organs, as well as diagnostic machines for clinical use. They are also the ones who install, maintain, repair, and adjust the settings on these devices for default use. When they are not involved in technical support, they are the ones who draft the manuals and parameters for the use of the devices they design and manufacture.

Before releasing a product into the market, biomedical engineers must evaluate the efficacy, safety, efficiency, and redundancies of biomedical equipment. Senior level personnel who earn higher biomedical engineer salaries are the ones who train and teach their own team to use and distribute biomedical equipment.

This type of engineer also works with other scientists like chemists, physicists, biologists, and many more to develop new equipment that can help and aide the prevention and treatment of diseased that target the biological systems of humans and animals.

Biomedical engineering salary PhDs are the ones who publish dissertations and research papers that can help their colleagues in the field develop better designs and prevent issues in the future.

Educational Requirements

In order to become a biomedical engineer, one has to obtain a degree in biomedical engineering or bioengineering from an accredited university. They can also get a different degree that relates to engineering, while choosing biological sciences as their major. Apart from that, they can also continue their studies and obtain a masters degree of PhD in biomedical engineering.

Before enrolling in universities, high school students who want to work as biomedical engineers should enroll in advanced courses like physics, chemistry, and biology. They should also be updated on their set of math classes, such as basic, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and geometry. An additional course with CADD and mechanical drawing can also be a huge plus once they apply for their degrees.

Courses in biomedical degrees will include laboratory work with engineering and biological sciences as the primary focus. They will also be subjected to courses that discuss solid and fluid mechanics, circuit design, computer programming, and biomaterials.

Some programs require internships with hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and medical device manufacturers before they can graduate.

Salary Range

The average salary for a biomedical engineer is $86,220. The starting biomedical engineer salary can go as low as $51,480. The highest earning biomedical engineer annual salary can go as high as $139,520.

Working in different industries can produce a range of salaries of biomedical engineers. The average salary biomedical engineering employees make in the research and development industry has a midrange of $97,100. When they work in medical equipment and supplies industries, the median wage is at $91,030. For navigation, analytics, electromedical, and device manufacturing, the salary median is $85,610. Pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturers can pay a median salary of $81,750, while hospitals with in-house biomedical engineers pay the lowest median salary ay $72,950.