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Athlete Entertainer And Artist Manager Salary Report: Job Description

An entertainment agent or business manager is charged with representing athletes, entertainers, artists, and other performers to potential employers and contractors. They are responsible for finding work, negotiating contracts, providing advice, and taking on other tasks that maximize the artist’s ability to maximize career longevity and their ability to earn money from their talents.

Agents and managers must have great negotiation skills, the ability to deal with sensitive personalities, and the ability to help those in the entertainment industry find jobs that are the best fit for them. They must have a strong understanding of their clients’ personal branding and be able to distinguish between genuine profiles and ones made by a professional cover letter writing service. In some cases, knowing which jobs to turn down can be as important as understanding which jobs to take.

People in this field can work with a variety of talents. Only a small percentage of people in this field work with athletes, artists, or entertainers who have reached a level of worldwide or national renown. Instead, the agent or manager might work with:

  • Emerging High School or College Athletes
  • Farm Level Athletes
  • Actors Seeking Regional Work or Small Parts
  • Writers And Artists Seeking Local Exposure
  • Emerging Visual And Performing Artists

Business managers and agents need to be media savvy. They must have the ability to get coaches, producers, art gallery owners, tavern keepers, and a variety of other folks to answer their calls and book their clients.

To be successful at this job requires great organizational skills, tenacity, understanding of the culture within their area of entertainment management, and a willingness to work long hours. Those interested in the field should expect to work many night and weekend hours. It also requires a willingness to make cold calls.

In addition to helping artists and performers get work, agents and business managers may also be tasked with ensuring that all contractual obligations are met, and that the artist is adequately protected. This might mean making demands involving safety regulations or the use of detailed contract riders. Agents must also communicate effectively to the performer their contractual obligations.

A business manager often helps athletes, artists, and entertainers with other functions beyond bookings. They may give financial advice, manage their clients staff, or act as personal assistants themselves. This requires a high level of ethics and commitment to ensuring their clients’ well being.

Artist Management Salary Report: Educational Requirements

While there are degrees that can help people be successful in this field such as Entertainment Management, Artist Management, Music Business, Sports Promotions, or other related degrees, many enter this field because it is a passion. Sometimes, a performer’s manager or agent is someone who was already a part of their inner circle. In some cases, it is possible to work for an artist in another capacity and eventually move into the role of business manager or agent.

Salary Range

Median salary is around 62K. However the total range starts very low at around 28K and it goes up to around 111K. This salary is often based on bonuses and commissions as well as per diem expenses. It may also be a part time position in some instances. Of course, the level of fame achieved by the client is one of the largest factors when it comes to determining salary. 

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