ArchitectArchitecture and Engineering Occupations salary statistic

Salary Range: $42.9k- $132k

Average Salary of Jobs with Related Title
Salary Range, $
Architects, Surveyors, and Cartographers
Architects, Except Naval
Architects, Building
Architects, Except Landscape and Naval
Architects, Structural
Building Architects
Building Architectural Designers
Designers, Building Architectural
Structural Architects
Architects, Golf Course
Salary Range: $42.9k - $132k

Architect’s Salary Report

Architects are focused on designing structures, such as offices, condominiums, houses, factories, and many other building infrastructures. They work with engineers and interior designers, but they can choose to submit their design and allow the other to work with it on their own.

They can be called on to design different areas of a building as well, such as a single room or an entire collection of buildings. Building a structure starts with the architect before it can go down the line. They will be required to supervise the execution of their design until the end of the project.

Some architects have a combination of services available under their belt. They can provide feasibility and environmental studies, site surveys, costing, and more. If they have certain certifications or masters degrees under their belt, they can produce designs using new methods and tools – some of which they can develop themselves.

When designing their projects, they are not focused on the artistry of the building alone. They must also consider city and state regulations, fire codes, material canvassing, and other ordinances that allow a building to be built in a certain place. They must also abide by zoning laws and advise their clients explicitly on these areas.

Common Duties and Daily Tasks

Architects create scaled drawings of their designs either by hand or using computers. They also manage a team of junior architects to help them finish large-scale projects with hectic deadlines. They are also tasked to prepare contract documents for contractors, so that the design and standards will be met. While undergoing construction, the architect checks regularly to see if their design is being followed. When changes are needed due to materials and plot issues, the architect must adjust their design to fit budget constraints and unexpected circumstances.

Other tasks include meeting with clients to propose ideas, discuss objectives of projects, and standard requirements for the structures being built. They are also in charge of estimating the construction duration and costs of their design. Although the engineer and the contractors will handle these from the ground, the architect will be the first to show clients their projections. Once a project is done or if they have time on their hands, they use that to field more clients and proposals.

Educational Requirements

Architects need to major in architecture and graduate with a bachelor’s degree. Normally, this takes about five years. Some go on to earn their masters degree in architecture, which takes about a year to complete. This can change depending on the amount of training and on-site practical applications the architect has experienced during their undergraduate studies.

Bachelor’s degree programs in architecture includes building designs using hand-drawn methods and computer designing, like CADD. It also covers architectural theory and history, structure studies, methods of construction, professional practices, applied mathematics, liberal arts, and physics. At present, the highest level of training is done with a design studio that focuses on 3D modeling.

Schools must be accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board. The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards allow applicants to get licenses within 8 to 13 years of working. Architecture students are also required to complete a 3-year internship before they can practice their profession.

Architects can work as interior designers as well, but they need the license and educational background to perform interior work. Some architects have double degrees – one for engineering – as well. This allows them to have complete control over their projects.

Salary Range

The salary of an architect Architects earn a media annual range of $76,100. Architects’ salary in the lower brackets and architect starting salary allows them to earn about $46,080, while the ones in the higher bracket earn more or less $125,520. Architects who work as surveyors and cartographers can earn a median annual wage of $69,130.