Agricultural EngineerAgricultural Engineers salary statistic

Salary Range: $57k- $128k

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Salary Range: $57k - $128k

The agricultural engineer has multi-faceted levels of responsibility in the field of agriculture. From the time the seed is bought to the food on the table, they are the bridge between the farmer and new technology that makes the farmer’s life more efficient. The job requires studying different types of agriculture while researching designs, and often the construction of the new technology that the individual farmer needs to harvest, and store food effectively and efficiently.

Not only are they concerned with the technology that helps the farmers keep up with what is new and innovative, they also get involved with the reduction of crop loss as it pertains to field damage when it is time to bring the crops in. This job requires the agriculture engineer to have soil science and plant biology disciplines to be effective in their positions.

This job calls for research in the field as well in the lab to promote best practices that produce good food for consumers while also protecting the environment.

Agricultural engineer salary report: common tasks:

The agricultural engineer’s everyday tasks constantly change due to the increasing scientific discoveries like internal farm energy production with the reduction of pollutants. Some engineers choose to be associated with different industries because they are so multi-leveled in this field. The job could be that of direct supervision of the farm and technicians that run the farms, food distribution techniques and equipment, and judging from the raising demand for cover letter writing service in the field, there is an increasing need in this career choice for agriculture engineers in the government. With the increase of the population there is always a need for agriculture engineers although research shows that these roles are decreasing.

Upper management positions for agriculture engineers involve meeting with clients, creating and gathering technical reports and keeping them updated, and oftentimes they are responsible for making sure the board of directors and stakeholders are kept inform of changing trends.

Agricultural engineer salary report: skills and education

An agricultural engineer will be required to have the minimum of a bachelor’s degree for an entry-level position. Disciplines that are preferable are those in agricultural and/or biological engineering; however, master’s degrees are preferred.

It is suggested that those that study this major participate with cooperatives as interns to gain experience while in school, but there are those that will want to dive in and work with the public. This requires licensing as a professional engineer and a series of requirements must be completed. This includes a degree from an accredited engineering program.

Ongoing education is required due to the ever-changing biological discoveries. Each state has its standards on the professional engineers’ requirements for professional development on an ongoing basis.

You must display proficiencies in math, intense scientific study, including physics and English.

Agricultural engineer salary report: income information

Outside of academia is where the money is for agricultural engineer. Those who teach this lucrative career are oftentimes the lowest paid. Starting salary for agricultural engineers begin at around $40k and can climb up to over $110K.

Education will play a large determining factor in the biological and agricultural engineering salary. The higher your degree the higher your salary. Although they are needed there are few open slots in the U.S. for agricultural engineers. But if the jobs are slim, although the pay is low there is always a teaching position open in the 15 colleges that offer the degree program due to its diversity.

Salary for an agricultural engineer varies from state to state with South Carolina offering the highest salary as of this writing. You may also consider working for the government where the salary of an agricultural engineer may fall in the median range.