Advertising and Promotions ManagerAdvertising and Promotions Managers salary statistic

Salary Range: $46.3k- $187k

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Salary Range: $46.3k - $187k

Advertising and Promotions Manager

In short, advertising and promotions managers create demand for products and services by determining the best way to market them and then implementing those plans. In large companies, these positions are usually divided; in smaller firms, they are combined.

An advertising and promotions manager salary will vary widely depending upon the size of the company and its geographic location. Ranges fall from $65,000 on the low end up to as high as $150,000 on the very high end. If, however, you choose to connect with a small startup, you may fall even below the low end, at least for the first few years. When the positions are divided, advertising managers generally earn towards the higher end and the strictly promotions manager salary is towards the lower end.

Qualifications and Responsibilities

Almost every advertising and promotions manager will have at least a Bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, and/or journalism. Once in their entry level positions, most say they voluntarily engage in additional professional development including graduate study. This is because the entire field of advertising and marketing is continually evolving.

An advertising and promotion manager is busy. They are involved in continual market research, developing strategies for all marketing channels, often developing content for those channels. They work in collaboration with art directors, sales teams, and budget directors to design and implement campaigns to both retain current customers and to develop new customer interest. The type of media used will also vary depending upon specific campaigns and products/services.

Advertising and promotions managers must also analyze success (or not) of their campaigns, analyzing ROI and designing modifications if necessary. The job entails a high level of organization but, as well, strong doses of creativity in the design and development of campaigns. The promotions end of the position involves designing incentives to entice customers, while keeping in mind the profit needs of the organization.

Future Growth Projections

Positions for advertising and promotion managers will not be going away. In fact, given the new methods of marketing products and services, there will be more demands made upon these specialists, and most mid- and large-sized enterprises will be adding rather than remaining static or reducing staff in these departments. Given the growing number of media outlets for marketing, in fact, it is projected that areas of specialty within marketing departments will continue to be on the rise. A manager will thus be charged with overseeing a department that continues to increase in sie.