Administrative Services ManagerAdministrative Services Managers salary statistic

Salary Range: $80.1k- $247k

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Salary Range: $80.1k - $247k

Administrative Services Manager

Support services for any organization are critical. These services can fall within the ranges of budget administration, facilities management, warehouse inventory and distribution, database administration, procurement, mail, bookkeeping, and more. The position and the administrative services manage salary will vary widely, depending upon how each organization defines it. In large enterprises, administrative services may be divided among several departments with managers for each one. In very small organizations, the administrative services manager may also be called the “office manager,” and the task responsibilities are not as high level. For this reason, administrative services managers’ salary ranges are wide and varied. So, checking a letter writing service before applying for a job is likely to turn beneficial. The ranges in fact are from $30,000 in small organizations up to $76,000, as larger enterprises require more responsibilities. The national average in the U.S. is right at $55,000.

Position Responsibilities

As stated above, the range of task responsibilities varies widely. From the office manager who sees to it that supplies are ordered, mail distributed, data processing occurs accurately, and bookkeeping functions are accurate and up to date, to facilities management of a large corporation, administrative service personnel come to their positions with varying levels of education and experience.

Position titles will also vary. Thus, a building and grounds administrator will be responsible for inside and outside maintenance, including lawn and landscaping, plumbing, electrical, etc. tasks. A procurement administrator may be charged with maintaining inventory of raw materials and other resources, so that production is constant. A logistics administrator may be responsible for warehouse inventory and transport in and out of the facility. An IT services administrator has the task of ensuring that hardware and software are operating correctly and supporting other services.

As with any management position, soft skills of supervising others, delegating tasks, and problem-solving will be required.

Educational Requirements

There are no standard common educational requirements for administrative services management. An office manager may have a combination of a high school diploma, some additional vocational training, and experience that qualifies him/her for the position.

A logistics or IT administrative services manager will usually have a Bachelor’s degree in his/her field and work experience in that field prior to assuming a management role. The administrative services manager salary in these positions is generally higher.

At the very top of large organizations, an administrative services manager will be considered to have a mid-level management role and will oversee the work of all support services. Administrative services managers’ salary ranges at this level can easily reach the $100,000 mark.

Work Hours

Depending upon their specific position, administrative services managers may expect 40-hour work weeks to much more, especially when circumstances demand it. A building and grounds services manager, for example, may be “on call” when repair and maintenance issues arise evenings, weekends, and holidays. An IT services manager may need to return to work after a full day, should there be hardware or software issues that impact production or other operations.