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Resumes are not something that an individual composes every day. In fact, most career professionals have produced just a few in their lifetimes. Work life is changing, however, and it is no longer unusual for workers to change positions several times during their careers. What used to be rather a stigma (job hopping) no longer is. There are a number of reasons for this, but the end result is that a top resume may be needed many times during one’s career life.


Both design and content must be considered when crafting a new resume. And things have changed rapidly in both of these areas in recent years. As a result, job seekers who are looking for their first entry-level position, and seasoned applicants, including executive, federal, and military career professionals, looking for a change, may use one of the following options:

  • They can access one of many online resume sites and find generic templates to build their own resumes, for a fee.
  • If a job-seeker is still in college, s/he can receive help from the campus career office
  • The can seek advice from a friend or colleague in the industry for which they are preparing a resume
  • They can use the services of a custom resume design and writing service in order to obtain a resume that is unique and individualized

Option 4 is always the best choice, because a resume must be both targeted and unique enough that it stands out in the crowd. When a candidate is in the medical, government, legal, government, military, or other civilian field, s/he needs someone intimately familiar with that field to provide the help in crafting the perfect resume. A generic resume expert does not have the professional background, for example, to craft a resume for a nurse or an attorney that someone from those professions can do. Reputable and effective resume services look to employ professionals from specific career fields who also have HR experience in those fields.


If you “Google” the term “custom online resume writing services,” you will get about 17,000,000 results. Yes, that’s “million.” Among those, of course, are those online services that just supply cheap generic templates for you to use; there are also employment recruitment firms, such as in the mix. But for the most part, there are millions of companies claiming that they will write stellar and exceptional resumes for their clients. And among those, there are writing service that are superb, quite average, and pretty horrible. How, then do you find one that is of the “superb” variety, a “ten,” so to speak? Here are a few questions to ask when you contact a writing service you are considering:

  • Do they have both designers and writers? There is a huge difference between these two aspects of creating a resume, and very different skills are involved.
  • Will you have open communication at all times with designers and with your writer?
  • Is the writer willing to conduct important research on the organizations to which resumes will be submitted and craft documents specifically targeted to those organizations?
  • Are there samples for you to review?
  • Will the writing service be open and transparent about cost?


We are more than happy to speak with job-seekers who are exploring CV resume writing service. We want anyone who becomes a client to be fully versed on our operations, on the qualifications of our professionals, on our communication methods, and our pricing and policies and other aspects of our writing service. To provide just a summary of these important elements, we offer the following information:

  1. Our Designers and Writers: Most of our resume developers are professionals who are in HR and design fields in industries that cross all careers categories. They work for our writing service as contract freelancers. It is important that the individuals crafting your resume are current in their fields and understand what works in today’s competitive job market. We select experts in resume design, and writers who are in HR management or employment recruitment positions across all industries. These are people we consider “certified” experts in CV and resume creation.
  2. Communication: We employ a professional support staff that is available 24 hours a day to respond to any questions you may have about our writing service. And, once you become a client, your communication will occur among you and assigned experts, in a collaborative atmosphere of openness and trust. You will be able to provide feedback on all drafts, and the work continues until you are satisfied with the result. This feature alone makes us on o the top-rated resume services in the world.
  3. Research: If any client has specific companies or organizations to which s/he will be applying, his/her writing service writer will conduct the appropriate research on those local, national, or international organizations, to determine company “culture,” mission, goals and work environment. These are all important factors in crafting the right resume for the right organization. As well, that writer carefully reviews the job posting/description, so that both resume and cover letter will be flagged as a match by any digital screening process.
  4. Samples: You will find many sample resumes on our writing service. However, understand that yours will be unique and may not fit any of these designs. We provide those samples so that you may have an idea of the quality of product we create with writing service.


You may be on the East Coast (e.g., New York City, New Jersey, or Boston), from the Midwest (e.g. Chicago or Minnesota), the South (Atlanta, Miami, or New Orleans), the Southwest (Dallas, Houston, Phoenix or New Mexico), the Rocky Mountain West, such as Denver, or the Far West; whether you want to stay in your locale or make a physical move, we will look for you, we will advise you, we will do the research for you, and we will craft unique resumes for any position in which you have an interest.


As stated, you must be as competitive as possible in this jungle of employment search. And nothing happens unless you get that interview. Your resume is the start, and it determines whether you will get that interview. So it only makes sense that you use professional who are in the business, who know what grabs the attention of hiring managers and recruiters, and who can craft documents that will result in those interviews.

You have every right to demand, “I want a resume service that is a definite ’10,’ that treats me as a unique individual and that provides top resumes for a relatively inexpensive cost. A writing service I use should do whatever it takes to get me that interview.”

Contact customer support today and let’s get started.

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