Frequently Asked Questions


What is the procedure for ordering and ultimately receiving my resume?

Placement of an order for a resume begins with the completion of the order form. This provides basic contact information, a general job title and career field, whether an entry level or career position is being sought, etc. It is important that a client provide all of the information requested, so that the rest of the process can proceed smoothly. The rest of that process involves several steps:

  • Our staff analyzes the order details and then assigns both a writer and a designer to the project. These two individual work together and in collaboration with you for the remainder of the process. Writers are assigned based upon their career field expertise and the level of position being sought by the client.
  • From this point forward, a communication structure is in place for the client, writer, and designer to collaborate directly. This will involve a lengthy discussion with the writer regarding career goals, educational and employment background and other important information. If the client has a resume, even though outdate, s/he will be asked to upload it at that time. The writer is the expert and will know what information to ask for.
  • Clients are also asked to submit the names of any organization to which s/he will be submitting the resume. Our writers and designers conduct thorough research on these organizations to get a “feel” for the culture. Any job posting should be submitted as well. It is best if resumes are crafted with specific organizations in mind.
  • Cover letters are customized for each organization as well.
  • Drafts of resumes or CV’s will be sent to the client for review and feedback. No resume/CV is considered finished until full client satisfaction is achieved.

Will you update an existing resume?

Absolutely. Whether we created the original resume or not, we are happy to revise/update. If we produced the original one, you may also request the same writer is you wish. Updates are at a lower cost, of course.

If I already have a resume and just want it edited, can you do that?

Of course. This is one of our standard services. Simply upload the resume with your order and we will assign a career-specific writer. The assigned editor will contact you directly for discussion.

Approximately how long will it take from order placement to delivery of a resume?

In general, we advise clients that it will take about 5 – 7 days. These documents are customized and designed/written from scratch in most instances. If there is an urgent need, however, we are able to accommodate that, although at a higher fee.

Will you be using one of the sample templates that are shown on your site?

Not specifically, no. Your designer selects style and design elements based upon your unique background and the types of positions for which you will be applying. The samples that you see on our site are placed there so that you may get an idea of the quality of documents we produce.

Do you produce cover letters as well?

Yes. Like your resume or CV, cover letters are also customized for each client. And, if there are specific companies/organizations to which you are applying, we will do the research so that your cover letter aligns with the organization’s “culture” and the published position description.

Do you have a refund policy?

We do not provide cash refunds for documents that a client has approved and received. We continue to work for a client, in fact, until that client is completely satisfied with all documents. We do, however, offer revisions up to 24 months following the delivery of any document to a client. Should a client request an entirely different design, we must consider that a new order.


How are designs determined?

Designers create customized designs based upon the organizations to which resumes will be submitted and on the nature of the position. Designs for an accountant will be very different from designs created for a creative position with a new tech startup. As always, the client will receive drafts for approval. We have sample designs on our site for client review, but those are just for clients to get a general idea. Every resume or CV is uniquely designed. 

How and in what format are resumes delivered?

You must first approve of the final draft which is sent to your personal account portal. Once we have that approval, we send via email, either in Word or PDF, as you choose. Any cover letter will be available in the same format.

Will the source file for my documents be available to me?

We use InDesign for document creation. If you are familiar with InDesign and believe you can use it correctly to update your own resume, contact our customer support department. There is a fee for the source file. Your other option, of course, is to have us update it as often as you wish – the charge is pretty minimal.

May I select such things as color, backgrounds and fonts?

Yes. Your designer will provide you with several options, or you may specify these details in your order form.

Do you create resumes and CV’s for people who live in other countries?

The short answer is yes. 

How do you locate your designers?

Our designers work for us on a contract basis. We use only those that have a great deal of experience in crafting resumes and CV’s and who are fully aware of various industry standards. The goal is to use the latest designs that are matched with the general “culture” of the organizations to which they will be submitted.

How do I get in touch with you if I have questions before I place an order?

You may call, chat with, or email our customer support center if you have questions or issues before, during or after our work for you. Feel free to contact us at any time.

We hope that this has answered most of the questions you may have. If not, give us a call and let us provide you with all of the information you need.